First Day of School!

Tuesday was our first day of Kindergarten. Minus the normal whinging and annoyances that accompany a little girl who doesn’t like to turn her ears on, school was a success. We did 20 minutes after breakfast – 10 minutes of OPTGR and 10 minutes of BOB books. No new material was covered as I wanted to review lessons we had done at the beginning of the summer prior to camp starting.

We covered ETC and handwriting after lunch. Bean had a bit of trouble with some of the writing portions of ETC as we haven’t covered writing in lower case letters (something that is already biting me as she complained about having to write in lower case letters today). We did 3 pages, with my daily aim being 2-3 on average. For handwriting, the DN book seems like it will be a good starting point, but there’s very little practice in it. I need to re-download Startwrite so I can create copy sheets for Bean. She’s still at the point where it will be conducive if she traces the letters/numbers versus just trying to write them out herself.

We didn’t do any math as I realized too late that I need to go through the RS lessons beforehand and gather up the necessary materials.  Starting math in a week or so won’t make a difference in the long run, so I’ll go over the first several lessons and get everything organized. In the meantime, we can informally do math with some bear counters I ordered off of Amazon. They arrived today, and both girls had a blast playing with them. It started out fine with sorting, then moved to huddling the bears together to keep them warm as they had no fur, to counting bear hockey. I played goalie with a wooden spoon in an attempt to keep any bears from sliding under the stove and fridge. Only one bear was lost.

Our “first day of school” project was to build a castle from a kit I bought at Target. We had an interesting time assembling it (the only instructions were, “copy the picture on the box”). I was eternally grateful that I am the proud owner of a glue gun that had never been used before then. The finished castle was quite nice for several hours. It is now in multiple pieces pocketed away in various parts of my living room.


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