Weekly Recap 9/17/11

OPTGR / Reading – We have completed lesson 38 (short “o” sound). I took several days off to review short “e” and “i” sounds as Bean was confusing them while reading.  There’s still a little confusion, but not enough for me to keep up the review. That would be a recipe for excessive whining. She already dislikes reading the practice sentences provided (there are too many of them for her on some lessons), so I don’t want to add to that.

Her reading fluidity has increased. About half of the sentences she reads, she doesn’t put. a. pause. between.words. That is beyond cool to me. I love seeing progress.

ETC – We are close to finishing up lesson 3. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but each lesson is 9 pages, and we do 2-3 pages per day. Overall, this is easy for her (minus the handwriting portions) as we’re still working on the short “a” sound. It reinforces reading as I make her read the words/sentences out loud to me. Some of the pages, she’s able to complete without help or direction from me.

Handwriting – The DN K workbook is a slight bust. They don’t include enough lines for practice, and definitely not enough traceable letters. Two traceable letters followed by two lines of DIY don’t cut it. It makes me very glad that I have Startwrite. I created practice pages of the workbook lessons – numbers 1 through 5 – as well as various letters Bean needs help with or wants to practice. For fun, I threw in our names and some silly sentences. There was a marked improvement in her writing when we went back to the DN workbook yesterday.

Math – Other than messing around with the counting bears, we haven’t done anything. I need to force myself to sit down with RS A and get organized. It should be a successful program once I do implement it as it is very visual and hands-on. Bean seemed to get addition when we used the bears. Instead of counting on her fingers to get the answers, she just said them.

I need to track down some math-related picture books as well. That way, we can read and absorb math at the same time.

Other – Bean had her first piano lesson on Tuesday evening. She really took to the class. Her teacher said she picked up what was taught very quickly. I love that out of the hour, they only spend 15 minutes at the piano. That is more than enough time given the attention span of your average 5 year old. The other 45 minutes are spent using play, games, and dance to learn things like rhythm and reading musical notes (they used skittles).  Being the bad mom that I am, I have yet to set up the keyboard that was gifted to us by my dad. Yes, it was mailed a month ago, and is still sitting in its box in the school room. It will get set up this weekend.

Bean’s first science kit is en route courtesy of Amazon. Science is something DH is going to do with Bean this year as I’m not teaching it as a formal subject. Bean has always been fascinated with science experiments, and this is a fun way to combine that with some one-on-one daddy time. DH chose the Magic School Bus: Germs kit. The kit should arrive tomorrow, which means that science will start tomorrow.

The final addition for this week are the Kumon workbooks. Bean found the stash I bought and wanted to start using them. Unfortunately, most of the ones I have are a bit beyond where we are at the moment. Easy Telling Time and Rhyming Words and Phrases are the two we can start right now. She also wanted to do the cutting/pasting books. We had them, but she did them a long time ago. So being the sucker that I am, I bought them again along with the tracing book. I think they will be on the easy side, but it will help occupy her during the day when we’ve completed formal seatwork.


3 responses to “Weekly Recap 9/17/11

  1. It’s great that the piano lessons are being taught that way. Building the foundation of rhythym (a word I can never spell) and note-reading is great; that will serve Bean in however she wants to do music in the future. I have started taking piano again, with the goal of learning to improvise, so I am going to mention Skittles as an incentive to my teacher. – Anne

  2. Follow-up: What’s OPTGR? I don’t get a lot of the acronyms, but most I can figure out in context. Also, would be happy to keep my eyes out for match picture books – let me know any specifics to keep in mind. I heard a guy interviewed on NPR a while ago who writes a series that use Monsters? May be a little older than Bean’s level right now but I’ll see if I can track down FYI & maybe later use. – Anne again

  3. Something they do at Daphie’s school for tracing is to make laminated sheets, a lot like placemats that have the tracing stuff in them, and they use the whiteboard markers to trace. That way they can use the same ones over and over again. They have them for upper case, lower case, and their names.

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