Busted Pirate

Well…Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th) was a bust.  It started with both a sick mom and a sick, whiny, clingy toddler. Throw in a newborn, and it’s a party all around. I wanted to do a nice pirate-themed day with coloring and making hats and building a pirate ship and chasing each other around the house with swords. The only part of this that was remotely tackled was the pirate ship. Bean pulled the kit out of the cupboard (it is cousin to the castle kit built on the first day of school) and brought it over to the table. After looking at it for a couple of moments, I realized that the insert with a photo of the completed ship and extremely rudimentary instructions were missing:
Me: Bean, where are the instructions?
Bean: I threw them away.
Me: What?
Bean: I read them so I know what to do. I don’t need them.

I don’t know when she read the instructions, probably several weeks ago when I bought it and hollered at her for messing with it. After opening it and seeing the various pieces strewn across the table, I realized this was not an intuitive project.  It took Bean all of a couple minutes to realize that she needed the instructions. I am notorious for losing battles with inanimate objects so I told her that Daddy could help her when he came home because he’s good at that kind of stuff. He had no clue either.

Bean wanted to take a picture of her ship for posterity before she threw it away. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson that you never throw away the instructions even if you think you know what you’re doing.

Please note that the table is messy courtesy of the ship project and a snacking toddler.


One response to “Busted Pirate

  1. I love the dialogue! And the approach. My best friend growing up immediately catapults instructions and puts everything together by native cunning. I try to read them and then do it wrong.

    HIlarious – sorry the day was somewhat of a bust but what can one say but “Arrrrgghhhhh…” I really like that in this blog I am reading about a real mom (&dad) and real kids, not uber-super-unreal-people (a la those horrible holiday letters that I immediately chuck in the re-cycle bin.)
    Rock on! – Anne

    PS Also looked at the Startwrite (I like how you link to things you are using) site and it looks good. I heard an interview with the cartoonist who writes Sylvia a while ago, and she has just done a book about how the act of using our hands to write, or draw, increases understanding. So doodling when listening actually increases comprehension. (I’m not sure if that applies to doodling mean pictures of a boss I didn’t like as I used to do when I worked in a dysfunctional office.) over’n’out

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