Weekly recap 9/24/11

OPTGR/Reading – We didn’t get very far in OPTGR this week as I want to make sure Bean gets the concepts before we move on. Consequently, we did only two lessons (41 & 42) which covered double consonants (ll, gg, zz, etc…) and the “ck” combo. She has trouble with “ll”, especially the word “will”. For some reason, she pronounces it “lill” – no clue where that first “l” is coming from. Converse to that, she seems to get the “ck” combo though she will sometimes add the “x” sound at the end. It takes time, right? At least she’s no longer saying “mint” for “mit(t)”. That’s a step in the right direction.

For reading, Bean keeps plugging away at her BOB books and Nora Gaydos readers. I usually have her read one or two to me during school. If she asks for more school at night, I’ll try to get her to read at least one more to DH. She is so much like her mother when she gets frustrated. If there’s an inkling of it being hard, or if she thinks she can’t do it, she completely gives up and pouts. Sometimes it’s a little pout such as grumping and pushing the book across the table while trying to get her face to freeze in an interesting expression. Other times there are tears and screaming and throwing. Forgoing either option would be ideal, but unfortunately, it’s not in the cards for a child who takes after me.

We did start Green Eggs and Ham to change things up from the readers. There are a lot words in there she doesn’t know, so I’ll help her sound them out or just tell them to her. She remembers some of those words while reading, but I think it’s more that she’s memorizing the pattern since the book is so repetitious. We’ll finish it up next week as it is a long book for her.

The final thing for reading is that I finally started doing read-alouds. The first book I chose is Dealing with Dragons by Patricia Wrede. It is one of my favorite books, not in the least because the heroine is an independent, slightly contrary princess who runs away from home and ends up being what amounts to cook and librarian for a dragon (all the while trying to get rid of would-be knight rescuers and foiling a wizard’s evil plan). We’ve only read the first two chapters, and I’m sure that a lot of what is happening is going over Bean’s head, but she says she enjoys it. And I know she’s able to sit there and listen to an actual chapter book without pictures.

Next up will be either Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, or Bunnicula by James Howe. I also need to get my hands on the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books. The kicker there is finding the older editions that have the original line drawings on the cover. The covers on the reissues are grotesque.

ETC – We left short “a” for short “I” in lesson 4. We’re three pages away from finishing lesson 4. If Bean wanted to do more than 2-3 pages per day, we could zip through this fairly fast. Part of me wants to, but I don’t want to burn her out or induce more tantrums than I already deal with during a normal day.

Handwriting – We didn’t do a lot of handwriting per se. There is some handwriting in the ETC book, so I typed the letters Bean had difficulty with in the book and printed out worksheets for her.  “W”’s are particularly hard for her for some reason. She either writes them as “m”’s or gives them too many lines so they look like a zigzag instead. The highlight of handwriting this week was a letter she composed for her friend Alison in NE. She dictated what she wanted to say, I typed up a worksheet, and she traced the letters.

Other – The germ science kit arrived on Tuesday, but it is still in the box. We didn’t have the time in the evenings to devote to it, so I thought it best to tuck it away without telling Bean of its arrival. Hopefully next week we’ll have time for it.

Bean had fun with the Kumon workbooks.  The tracing one is definitely too easy for her, but it kept her occupied at Bug’s Kindrermusik class. The cutting and pasting books also held her attention. Unfortunately, they only worked for one day. Here’s to hoping that I can get possibly one day per week from those. I need the downtime to get stuff done around the house.


3 responses to “Weekly recap 9/24/11

  1. Much more later but a quick note for now. It’s unlikely you remember but your early pronunciation of “yellow” was “lellow”. Aren’t genetics wonderful.


  2. Yeah, and you said tubbath, too, for bathtub. lellow was always everyone’s favorite!

    Just bought a Mrs. PW book for Bean today — great minds! will mail it this week.

  3. Oh, and the other book I bought is about dragons. (Magic Tree House series — just perfect for her age & grade)


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