Weekly Recap 9/30/11

OPTGR/Reading – We made it halfway through lesson 44 this week, partially because we didn’t do school on Monday, and partially because I want to do review. We added LP, LB, LK, ST, & NT to our list of word endings. Some of the words are tricky for Bean, but as long as she takes her time, she gets it. It’s when she’s not focusing on the word on the paper that “rust” will turn into “fog”, which takes some talent given that neither word shares any of the same letters.

Nothing new to report on the reading front. Bean is still plugging way at her readers. She did read a new Nora Gaydos reader that dealt with the NT ending. She did a very good job reading it to DH. There is definitely improvement.

ETC – We have two more pages left of lesson 5. I am going to have Bean do it tomorrow after ballet lessons since we didn’t get to it today. School overall was a bust today since both Min and Bug spent a good chunk of it crying, screaming, and needing to be held. I think Bug is finally coming to the realization that Min isn’t going anywhere – she’s not okay with that.

Handwriting – Lazy on the handwriting this week. Didn’t do much.

Science –DH and Bean started working on the yeast section of the germ kit on Wednesday night. When I came home, Bean pounced on me at the door to show me what they did – bread in test tubes to learn about mold, and yeast mixed with sugar and water to see how it reacted. They finished up yeast on Thursday by inflating a balloon and making bread (recipe included with the kit). DH parlayed this into buying five gallons of apple cider – all in the name of learning about yeast and fermentation.

My Dad sent us an experiment book, 175 Science Experiments. Both DH and I have looked it over. The experiments are simple, but Bean should enjoy it. This book made me think about Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, a really awesome science book that teaches science as an integrated subject versus teaching each discipline separately. I bought the book over a year ago based of the rave reviews at the Well-Trained Mind forum. The only negative about it is the amount of planning that goes into it. I need to sit down and read the introductory section and join the Yahoo! group for lesson organization ideas.  I probably should incorporate it at some point as Bean enjoys science.

Piano – Finally got it plugged in Thursday and it works perfectly. Bean practiced her lessons (took all of 5 min) then spent the next 30 minutes messing around with all of the buttons. My biggest mistake was showing her the metronome button. Bug did a good job of making spooky-twilight zone music.

Field Trips – One of the local area homeschool groups has organized a field trip to the Penn Dixie fossil site.  I’ve been debating if I am brave enough to go given that I would have to juggle three kids. I know Bean would love to hunt for fossils, so I was leaning towards sucking it up and going. I found out one of my homeschool friends (who also has three children, one of them born the day before Min), wanted to go. Safety in numbers pushed me over. I RSVP’d for our first ever homeschool field trip. Here’s to hoping it goes well! It will be a busy day as it falls on October 13th, which happens to be the date of our first Daisy meeting. I’d better make sure that I am as close to 100% prepared for that as I can be.

Another field trip is in the process of being organized by one of the local area homeschool groups – one of the theaters will be performing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in December. I would love to take Bean, but I have no clue what I would do with Bug and Min. I don’t think it would be appropriate to take them. Min maybe because he would most likely sleep through it, but no way for Bug. I need to see if DH can and is willing to take the day off work and stay home with them.


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