Da Vinci

Yesterday afternoon, we trooped down to the Buffalo Science Museum since DH had the day off, and Bean wanted to do something. The zoo was her first choice, but the rain caused a back up plan to be enacted. We arrived around 2:45 and the museum was pretty much deserted. It was great. No competition. No school groups. No annoying children (other than my own). We were pleasantly surprised to find that the museum kept some of the Da Vinci machines on display from the exhibit that closed in August. We saw it then, so the girls just had fun playing with the machines.

I didn’t realize the museum closed at 4 pm, so we didn’t have a lot of time there. I definitely can’t wait to go back again since they’ve changed some of exhibits (finally). And they’re touting some huge new mystery exhibit that’s debuting at the end of November.

Bug and the Hydraulic Sawmill

Bean and the Archimede’s Screw


One response to “Da Vinci

  1. Definitely sounds like a cool place. Let’s put it on the agenda for the next visit.

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