Weekly Recap 10/7/11

This week was mostly a bust. I think we did school 3 out of 5 days. DH stayed home on Monday, and Bean had the first of her monthly art classes at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo. I do feel guilty about the lack of schooling this week, but my main goal for this year is for Bean to know how to read proficiently – say Frog & Toad or Amelia Bedelia type books.  Anything else – handwriting, math (still haven’t started), science, etc…- is just gravy.  This is what I tell myself to make myself feel better about not being able to get down to any regular sort of schedule courtesy of a new baby who is a pokey, and somewhat inconsistent, eater.

OPTGR/Reading – We completed lesson 45, which you can see is not much further than last week.  This lesson covers FT, LT, CT, and PT. Bean has problems getting the ending sounds correct. Again, she adds an “l” sound to the beginning of any word ending in LT. I had her do review of the previous two lessons this week in conjunction with the new lesson.  I plan on doing the same thing next week – two for review, and one new.

We didn’t do any reading during the school day, so I had Bean read DH BOB/Nora Gaydos books when he got home from work.

ETC – This is the one part of school we did every day. It is Bean’s favorite subject. Almost from the moment she gets up, she wants to crack it open (this is after asking to watch Go, Diego Go!), which I let her do if Min decided to act like a snooze alarm the previous night).  She is now halfway through lesson 8 (out of 11 lessons). I let her skip one page of each lesson as it’s all writing, and the writing-style is not the one I am teaching her. Instead, I’ve been creating worksheets of the words on those pages for her to trace/write.

Handwriting – I think I’m going to have to reevaluate this one. Bean is constantly showing me how she writes cursive, or telling me she wants to learn how to write cursive.  I’m taking this to mean that I should be teaching her cursive first instead of printing.  No biggie…other than I’ve now had my first true bust of the year.  I will now have to force myself to not research cursive handwriting curricula and just print out random sentences/words/letters from Start Write. Which I already own.

Science – I don’t think much was accomplished other than watching stuff grow on the agar dishes. I do know that this kit has been a success.

Piano – The teacher chose Bean’s winter recital piece – Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.

Art – Bean had her first art class at Albright-Knox today, which she enjoyed. On the first Friday of each month, they offer an art class for homeschoolers. Even though it’s a slight hike to get there, it is definitely worth it.


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