Review: Here Comes Science

My geeky self has been rocking out to “Here Comes Science” by They Might Be Giants since we started listening to it yesterday. Yes, even when my kids aren’t in the car, I am dancing and singing along. Multiple songs have been stuck in my head in succession. Oh, They Might Be Giants, your songs are so catchy.

Like any album, not all of the songs are hits for any given person. The ones I find myself listening to repeatedly, or randomly humming to are:

*What Is A Shooting Star?
*How Many Planets? – In part this song is fun because it includes dwarf planets Ceres and Eris (and asteroid families Pallas and Vesta), doesn’t really say what Pluto is, though it’s included in “a bunch of other stuff” towards the end of the song instead of being called out as a planet (I will always be Team Pluto Is A Planet).
*Why Does the Sun Shine?
*Why Does The Sun Really Shine? – I mean, how can you resist, “the sun is a miasma, of incandescent plasma”?

Roy B. Biv and Photosynthesis aren’t bad either.

In addition, a separate DVD is included. I actually like this better than the CD as you can actually see some of the concepts they are singing about. And they throw in odd bits of humor and/or explanations/disclaimers before various song segments.

I need to buy their other kids CD’s as well. When we had cable years ago, I used to wait with baited breath for Playhouse Disney to run TMBG’s music videos (the song Zeros from the album “Here Come the 123s” being my favorite one).


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