Weekly Recap 10/14/11

OPTGR  / Reading – one lesson was completed because of laziness on my part. On the reading front, Bean is definitely improving. Some of the ending blends are no problem for her, and she’s having minimal difficulty reading new stories in her readers. Most evenings, she reads several of them to DH.  She mixes up “on” and “in”, and “a” and “the”, but I figure that will work itself out with time.

ETC – Bean has one page left in the book. One. She didn’t want to soldier through and finish it today. I’ll have her finish it up tomorrow. I can’t believe how quickly she started whizzing through this in the past two weeks.  ETC1 took six weeks from start to finish.  I’m debating about starting ETC2 or working through ETC1 ½.  The half books are additional practice on the concepts covered by the preceding whole number book. I’m leery of ETC2 mainly because it is reverse of OPGTR . OPTGR does ending blends followed by beginning blends. ETC2 does the opposite. She probably could handle it given the books are complimentary of each other, but I think she might get frustrated and shut down on me since she does have trouble with some of the ending blends. Maybe ETC1 ½ for the next week or so, then start ETC2.

Handwriting – We didn’t really do any of it again this week. I did print up some worksheets for her, much to her delight. She did two of them, and did fairly well. She wrote “cat” on her own in cursive and it looked very nice. I think cursive is the way to go for her. The next thing we need to work on is the amount of pressure she uses while writing. I’m tempted to buy her a fountain pen in order to train her to not push down so hard.

Science – at this point, all she’s doing is checking her cultures every day. I can’t wait to get our microscope so she can look at the individual molds. I need to ask DH when he wants me to buy another kit.

Field Trip – see the post below for the adventure that was fossil hunting.


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