My Daisy

Last Thursday (10/13), was our very first Daisy meeting. And man, was it hectic. And overwhelming. And I am indescribably glad that another, experienced, troop leader came to help me out. Some of her Cadettes came too and occupied the Daisies while I talked to their parents. I don’t think I flubbed it too badly. Even with an outline, I still forgot many details and bits of information I needed to pass on. Yay for email so I can relay it without having to make 11 phone calls.

It looks like it’s going to be a larger troop – 12 girls. I was expecting (and kind of hoping) for 6-8 girls. 12 kindergarteners and first grades seems a bit daunting. Dealing with 12 Beans at one time? It will be a learning experience. Fun though.

As for the Keep The Daisies Occupied project, I bought some blue poster board, cut it out into the shape of a Daisy tunic, and had the girls glue on the various patches/insignias that make up the uniform. The Cadettes cut all of the pieces out, while the Daisies glued them on. Glitter was involved. I tried to keep it as clean as possible (table cloths, plates to do the glittering on), but of course it still got everywhere. I really tried to get as much of it off the floor as possible after the meeting (while having a whiney Bean who wanted to go home). I am of course, now paranoid that the church will be annoyed that I left a mess. Moving on…the posters the girls made will be hung up in the children’s room at the Youngstown Free Library during the month of November. All of the troops in our service unit are making something to contribute. It will be neat to see the final display.

I am beyond excited about being a leader. Doing this goes outside of my introverted nature (talking to people? What?), but to think of all the cool things we can do outshines my issues. In a huge catalog of “fun patches” I’ve found some that I would like to do with the troop. Some of the patches are on the silly side (scavenger hunt at the mall, for example), some that only seem silly on the surface (bubble fun, which could be turned into some fun science experiments), and some that sound cool – fossil hunting, gemstone digging, camping, astronomy, etc…


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