Daisies, Round 2

Last night was the first real Daisy meeting.  It was interesting. And energetic. And I think we’re going to move to a smaller room in the church. We’re in a large hall at the moment, and the 10 girls did a very good job filling up the space.  I will also need to enlist the help of a parent to help me control the meetings since I don’t have an assistant leader at the moment. We spent the last 15 minutes playing a cookie version of red light-green light – our service center had cookie fans for sale, so I used those for stop and go. Say thin mints for go, and samoas/caramel delights for stop. They each took turns making the calls, and all of them had a blast.

We started the meeting sitting in a circle. I had the girls introduce themselves and say something they liked. Then I taught them the Girl Scout Sign and the Girl Scout Promise. This is how we’ll open each meeting until they’ve done their Investiture/Rededication. We only have two girls rededicating, so the focus will be more on the new Daisies.

After this, we did their Count It Up cookie leaf. It’s fairly straight forward – learn the names of the different types of cookies, how much they cost per box, and set a goal for how many cookies you would like to sell. The leaves don’t come in until late November, so it will be a bit before the girls get the actual leaf.

For the arts & crafts project, I cut out daisy petals from white poster board. The girls decorated them, and I will write their names on the petals. I need to buy some blue poster board for a backing, put a yellow center with our troop number on it, and stick some Velcro pieces to the petals and board. When the girls arrive for each meeting, they’ll stick their petal on the board (easy attendance!). There were several girls who weren’t at the meeting and possible several more who might join, so I’ll have them decorate their petals at the next meeting.

For the closing circle, I taught them the song, “Make New Friends.”

Next up for Girl Scouts is the PJ Roundup on November 4th. It’s for all of the girls in our service unit, Daisies through Ambassadors. Each girl brings a pair of jammies to donate to charity and $3 to cover the cost of snacks and an activity patch. The girls are going to vote on one of three patches. They are also going to vote on the movie they will watch: Tangled or Gnomeo and Juliet. All 12 girls in my troop RSVP’d, so it should be a good time.


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