Weekly Recap 10/28/11

Yep. I skipped the recap from last week. We didn’t do much school. Bean practiced some handwriting and started on ETC 1½. It has definitely been worth having her do the half book. It is review, but the lessons are structured slightly differently. The two big differences- first, she has to fill in the blank of a sentence using a word bank, and second she has to take a jumble of words and make a sentence from them.

OPTGTR / Reading – We finished reviewing ending blends and will start beginning blends tomorrow. The extra review has definitely helped. I will probably do something similar with beginning blends. Her reading has consisted mainly of re-reading the sentences in OPTGR to make sure she was familiar with the blends.

We’ve started a new read-aloud: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I gave up on Dealing With Dragons partially because she didn’t seem as interested in it, and partially because the book is probably buried somewhere in one of my stacks of stuff that tend to build up on any flat surface in the house. Charlie is definitely a winner. Bright and early the morning after we started it, she was standing next to the bed asking if we could read it – no, not at 6:30am. We should finish it in the next day or so. I don’t know what we’ll read next.

ETC – She’s still working on ETC 1½. At this point, it’s pretty easy review. I’m having her skip several pages each lesson. The ones she has to read are any page that has full sentences on it as I want her to practice her reading (and thinking skills since she has to determine which sentence matches the picture).  By the end of this week, we’ll move on to ETC2. I want to see how she does with beginning blends first.

Handwriting – we slumped on this again. Her enthusiasm for cursive is waning. I think in part because the writing practice is busy work instead of a letter or a to do/shopping list. She is however, writing up  a storm on her own, so I’m not going to complain.

Science – I purchased another Magic School Bus Kit – The Mysteries of Rainbows. It is sitting on a shelf as DH hasn’t had the time to start it yet. Maybe this week? We found out that our refurbished microscope is en route to us. I can’t wait to get it so we can look at some of the mold cultures Bean has been growing.

We did do one pseudo-science thing this week – make craters. Bean made a comment about potholes on the Moon while were driving. This led to one of her very circular “why?” conversations about craters and meteors and whatnot. We made our own crater so I could explain what happens. I put some flour in a shallow bowl, tamped it down, and had Bean throw a bouncy ball into it. Instant crater.


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