Weekly Recap 11/5/11

The big thing for this week was using an incentive chart. I am horrible at making sure each subject gets done daily, and Bean likes to watch too much tv with much whining involved when I don’t let her.  I found a small incentive pad at the store that works perfectly at the moment. When more subjects are formally added, I’ll have to figure something else out. But it has five columns (one for each school day), and five rows (ETC, OPTGR, handwriting, piano, reading).

OPTGR / Reading – In OPTGR, we completed lessons 50-53, beginning blends. Bean seemed to have a bit of trouble with them, but not much. I’m planning on spending this week reviewing those four lessons like I did with ending blends. She’ll read the individual practice words on Monday, and then spend the rest of the week reading the practice sentences. I might go back and have he read some of the ending blend words too just for reinforcement. Her reading in general seems to be improving greatly. I can’t wait for her light bulb moment when everything clicks and her reading takes off.

For reading, she’s been reading either two BOB books or two Nora Gaydos books per day.

For our read-aloud, we finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She really enjoyed that book and has pulled parts of it into other school lessons. It’s good to know she’s retaining some of it. I think we’re going to read Bunnicula next.

ETC – We’re still working on 1 ½. This will be the last week of that. She doesn’t really need the practice on those concepts any more. Unfortunately, the binding on ETC 2 hasn’t been cut yet, so I need to get to the store to have it done. I think I have some heavy duty page protectors, but I might have to buy some more of those as well.  Once it’s put together, we’ll start.

Handwriting – This week Bean changed it up and asked to work out of the D’Nealian workbook. She finished up the section on numbers and started letters. Hopefully it won’t be too confusing for her switching back and forth between printing and cursive. It doesn’t so far, so that’s good. She’s also been writing up a storm on her own. I’m glad that fun writing is enjoyable for her.

Science – DH and Bean started the MSB Rainbows kit. DH finds it a bit boring (and a bit of a pain), but Bean is enjoying it. I don’t know how much she’s retaining, but hey…at least she’s having fun and the seeds of curiosity are being planted. The pain in the kit lies in the powdered food coloring. It was a bear to open the lids without the powder going everywhere since they were on so tight. DH learned the hard way after the first one when his shirt and the table ended up covered in powder (he also managed to stain some of my dishtowels).  Another word of advice is that when the color wheel experiment is done, use an electric drill, or something electric that spins very fast as there’s not really a way to get the disk spinning fast enough to make the colors turn white w/a pencil. Even w/the drill, only the outside edges started blending.

Art – First Fridays art class was this week. Bean definitely enjoys this class. The teacher took them out around the museum again with sketch pads in hand. Then the kids came back and copied various paintings on to squares of card stock.  At some point, I should start Meet the Masters with her. Maybe in January.

Piano – in addition to playing “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”, Bean will be singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. It should be an interesting recital.


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