Daisy Catch-Up

Last Friday was our Service Unit’s PJ Round-Up. Nine of our girls came, as well as a possible new Daisy. So out of 10 girls, we ended the evening with eight. Not bad since the party went on past most of their bedtimes. Around 40 girls of all levels showed up. They voted on which pj party patch they would get, and which movie they would watch (“Tangled” won). Several large tubs of pajamas were collected, and will be given to a local shelter.

I broke down and decided to give cookie booths  a shot this year. One of the other leaders offered to share some of her troop’s slots with us at a local store, so I thought what the heck. I sent an email out, and several of the parents said they would do it. We should end up with 3-4 booths this year. I am actually glad we’re doing this as boothing needs A LOT of organization. This will be a sample run, which will make it easier in future years when the whole troop participates. Because of the last minute decision, I had to place an order for cookies at one of our cookie cupboards. The earliest pick up is on Friday, which is when we have our first booth. Luckily, the woman at that location is letting me pick the cookies up on Thursday afternoon.

On Sunday, I picked up our cookie order from pre-sales. Several semi’s were involved. People were there with flatbed trailers in order to carry all of the cookies home. Luckily, we didn’t sell very many, and they all fit in the back of DH’s truck. My step-mom went with me to help load them – she was definitely needed. I think any more cookies than what we had, and I would need more helpers. And DH’s trailer.

Once home, we unloaded the truck, put the cookies into the computer/junk room and spent the next however many hours (maybe 2?) organizing and separating the cookies into their respective piles. Both girls helped. Anne helped keep me from getting too short with either girl as “help” can be a relative term, especially when applied to the 18 month old.

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