Storytelling Daisies

Our meeting on Thursday was special. My step-mom graciously allowed herself to be corralled into doing a storytelling session with 14 Daisies (we’ve added 2 new girls). She is a professional storyteller, and is pretty darn good at it. Here is her website for unsolicited advertising –> Anne Rutherford. Anywho. She did an opening hand/voice play she uses at elementary schools to bring the girls into the storytelling mood, and then did a very active version of Caps For Sale. The second part was a story told in conjunction with hand motions.  She very nicely slipped in at the beginning that the girls needed something special for it, and that she hoped I had brought it with me. News to me. My face showed the shock. And the parents who stayed had a good laugh at my expression. Thank you, Anne.

The final story was a “luckily, sadly” story. Each girl added to the story using either luckily or sadly. We ended up with a pretty funny story about a Daisy who forgot to wear her tunic to the meeting. After, I gave each girl a paper plate to draw the part of the story they liked the best. Then they shared it with everyone.

The girls had a blast. Most of them got into storytelling with more enthusiasm than I can muster on a good day. Some of them did not, but I think that is more because of introverted personalities than anything. Our “Fun Patch” Book has a patch for storytelling (which is what gave me the idea to ask my step-mom in the first place), and the girls will get it at our next meeting.

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