Weekly Recap 11/18/11

Yet another late weekly recap. I need to make myself get these done in a timely manner. Because I have loads of time to do this.

OPTGR / Reading – We repeated the section on beginning blends (lessons 50-53) since we didn’t do any school the week my dad and step-mom were here. Bean had minimal problems the second time through.

Bean read Bears On Wheels to me and DH. I only had to help her with a few words. I’m very proud. Sure the pictures clued her into the words, but she read it.

The current read-aloud is Bunnicula. The writing style might be a bit dry for her. I like It, but some of the humor might be a little over her head. She says she wants to keep reading it, so she must enjoy it on some level.

ETC – We started ETC2 mid-week. I had to get the pages stuffed into their protectors, and that took me a day or so to get around to doing (even though I had the bindings cut off the previous week). Bean flew through the individual pages. She still only averaged between 2-4 pages per day, but they were relatively easy for her to complete. I probably could have started her on this book when we started beginning blends.

Handwriting – Bean wants to work through the D’Nealian book, so that’s all we’re doing at the moment. When she finishes it, I’ll go back to sentences and words from Start Write. I have the first grade level book too, but that will stay on the shelf. It’s essentially the same thing, but with a smaller font. She needs to get her letters down before we worry about sizing down.

Science – DH and Bean did some experiments from the book my dad bought – 175 Science Experiments. I need to ask him which ones they did. I know one involved a hard-boiled egg being sucked into a vase since I had to hunt down a vase. Bean thought it was one cool experiment.

Math – Ha! Didn’t think I’d have a section on math again for a while. But I do. I bought Math Dice Jr. off Amazon. The dice are a nice size for younger kids, both for rolling and making towers (Bug’s contribution). Bean and DH played the game one day, and now I can’t find it. I’m sure it’s somewhere around here. And I’m sure that Bean disappeared it.


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