Cookie Booths

We are finished with cookie booths! As of this past Sunday. I wasn’t planning on doing booths this year because 1) I never liked them, 2) the girls are Daisies, and 3) I thought it would be too much given I’m still trying to feel my way around being a troop leader. However, one of the other leaders offered us some unused booth space at a local store, so I asked the parents if they wanted to give it a go. Four of them took me up on it. The girls had fun. Two hours seems to be the limit they can handle. One and a half hours for some.  I told them to approach people walking by (making sure to give them their space), and ask politely if they wanted to buy cookies. If the person said yes, they were to say, “Thank you.” If the person said no, they were also to say, “Thank you.” None of this hawking the wares type selling I remembered from when I was girl. I absolutely hate that type of selling. Girl Scouts are not hucksters, and there’s no reason to act like one.

I found booths more fun than I expected. I had to restrain myself from going overboard on it. I’ll most likely stick to the same formula next year.


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