Weekly Recap 11/15/11

OPTGR / Reading – We did three lessons this week going over –ing, sh-, and –sh.  My plan is/was to work to the end of this section (encompassing 9 lessons), and then repeat it for practice. Bean is picking it up fairly easily, so I might have to reevaluate that. But then again, I might still have her repeat it to make sure it’s really stuck.

We’re still reading Bunnicula. Bean gets distracted while I’m reading it, and I can’t tell if she’s listening or if she’s off on her own.  We took a break from to read the first Magic Tree House book. She wants to read more of them. Hopefully she’ll be able to read them on her own by this time next year.

ETC – Bean is part way through lesson 3 of ETC2. It’s fairly easy for her, but she’s only doing around 3 pages per day because of the reading.  There are times when she could do more, but I’m at the end of my attention span for it since she piddles through it. Physical demonstrations of every word aren’t necessary. I don’t want to kill her love of learning, but oh is it frustrating that I have to harp on her to focus.

Handwriting – Bean has been plowing through this. She’s completed the lower case portion and is  seven letters away from completing the capital letters. I’ll start back on the Start Write work sheets again once she’s done with it.


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