Nature Center Trip

This past Saturday was our first field trip as a Troop (9 girls made it) to the Tifft Nature Preserve. The girls all earned a fun patch as I didn’t plan on tying it into any of their Petals.  The first portion was in a classroom. The guide went over habitats, gave each girl a picture to match to a habitat on a felt board. Then she gave each table an item to identify – they were part of a mud dauber wasp nest (I think), a gall, and the entrance to a crayfish tunnel. They liked it, but at that point, they were definitely antsy and ready to get moving.

The guided walk portion was by far the best part. Once the girls realized there were clues everywhere, they raced all over the place trying to find clues for the guide to identify (she definitely had kids of her own based off how she handled them).  One of my favorite parts of the walk was watching the girls try to feed chickadees. The guide gave them seeds to put in their hand then they held their hands palm up for the bird to land and eat. Unfortunately, only one girl landed a bird. After that, none of the birds were interested, though the guide tried several more times at different points during the walk.

On the walk, we saw several white-tailed deer, chickadees, and bullfrog tadpoles. The guide caught a small spider and put it in a magnifying glass cup for everyone to look at.

We made it through with only minimal reminders to stay on the trail, two minor falls, and one lost (but somehow found) vending machine egg. The Daisy didn’t realize she lost it until we were almost finished with the walk. Her dad and I walked back a little ways on the trail to find it, but to no avail. He promised he would get her another one. Once we finished our circuit, there at the junction, was her egg.  Of all the dumb luck.

Overall it was a good trip. It started out a bit slow, but ended on a high note. Our next trip in January will be to the Coast Guard station nearby.


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