Christmas Recital

Bean’s Christmas piano recital was tonight (we just got home). It went well. A little bit too long for my wiggly kids, but overall it was good. Bean played “Jolly Old St. Nick.” She started out well, but got stuck in a loop at the end and couldn’t quite end it. The teacher stepped up to help her about the time she figured it out. A song that takes about 30 seconds ended up being a minute and a half.  We left shortly after that since Bug decided that screaming was a fun thing to do. I almost missed Bean’s song b/c of her screaming. We came back in, I recorded it, and then we left after several songs. Bean and I came back since her whole class had to sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”  The program ended on a high note, with the final performer singing “O Holy Night,” which happens to be my favorite carol. I absolutely love that song.

Lesson learned about the kids. We’ll have a better plan of attack at her Spring recital. And right now, I need a beer. I hate it when my kids act out in public.


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