Small Daisy Post

I didn’t want to tack this on to the end of the other Daisy post since it’s not related to the meeting or petal-earning.  This is more of a , “Squee! I can’t wait to do this with Bean!” kind of thing.  I know I’m more excited about it than Bean is, but she’ll have fun nonetheless.

Our council sponsors multiple events/activities during the year, and we’re signed up for three of them:

A behind the scenes tour of one of the local art museums in January (they offer an overnight in April, but that’s for Brownies and up).

An overnight at the local aquarium in February.

A Cinco De Mayo celebration in May.

There’s an adventure course activity in late May that would be fun, and I know all of the troop would enjoy it. The problem is that it’s a bit of a hike from where we live. Maybe when they’re a bit older. I think we’ll do our first hike instead. There are multiple state/national parks close by.


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