Recap 12/21/11

Again, I’ve been bad about the recap. Time is something I’ve been sorely lacking on.

Reading – We’re still plugging through OPTGR. Bean has completed up to lesson XX. I’m going back and having her review endings she’s had trouble with – TCH, NCH, XXXXX. She picks it up quickly during the lesson, but if she hasn’t read the words in several days, she forgets.  She’ll get there eventually.

We haven’t touched a BOB or Nora Gaydos book in a while. Instead, Bean has been choosing some of the easier reads off her shelf. She read Wings on Things (which took 2 days), a science book about moths, and is currently reading On Beyond Bugs, a Cat in the Hat science book. With all of these books, she’s needing only minimal help.

For read alouds, we finished Bunnicula and are now reading Little House in the Big Woods. We started Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, but Bean gave up on it about 2 chapters in. I never really liked that book, so I didn’t push it.

ETC –Another book we’re still slowly plugging away at. Bean’s been doing 2-3 pages per day. We should (in theory) complete it by the end of the year. I don’t think we’ll do the half book for this.

Handwriting – Since Bean has finished the D’Nealian K book, I’ve been printing out sheets for her to copy. Because she started fussing over that, I started printing out sheets w/the writing lines on one half of the paper, leaving the other blank so she can illustrate what she wrote.  For the past several days, however, she’s been picking away at a letter for her Daisy pen pal – she dictated what she wanted to say, I printed it, she’s copying it.

Science – Last week, Bean was allowed to stay up an hour past her bedtime because she was looking at slides under our microscope. Who needs sleep when there’s learning/exploration to be done? DH said Bean had it figured out how to set up the scope and load the slides. 🙂 I had ordered some prepared slides from Homeschool  Buyer’s Co-op at the beginning of November, and they finally arrived. There were definitely some interesting images. We need to find a lens with stronger magnification.

Also through the same co-op, I bought a year’s subscription to the Young Scientists Magic School Bus kits. The two we’ve done were mostly successful, and while the price is only marginally less than what I would pay at Amazon, Bean likes getting things in the mail. Since the two kits we’ve done are included, I’ll just set them aside for when Bug is old enough to be more than just a curious tag along.

Logic – Bean made it through Lesson 20 the day I had my, “What the heck am  I going to DO with her?” moment. Since then, she’s completed up through Lesson 37. The analogy section caused her some grief, but since it’s not life or death, we skipped a couple pages of them.

And for fun, the girls decorating their $1 stockings from Target:


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