Chaos, Thy Name Is Daisy.

Tonight we had our Investiture/Rededication ceremony. I had everything planned, what I wanted to say printed out in a large font, the petals/patches in little packets, etc…and it ended up being mostly chaos – in  part because we were up in the big room, and in part because I erroneously set everything up in front of the stage. Playing on the stage was just too tempting, so Daisies were wiggling in chairs, running back to their parents, climbing up on the stage.  So instead of having a nice ceremony, I skipped over a lot of it, pinned the girls (sometimes forgetting to go the Girl Scout Sign/Handshake), and sent them off with several moms to get snacked up while I finished, giving a much abbreviated version of the petal packets and the Friendly and Helpful Daisy flowers (more on those below).  The plus side is that all of the girls who came remembered to bring their pen pal letters! Yay!

After making the rounds to explain some of the petals, etc… to several of the parents, I rounded up the girls so they could make their Girl Scout Law bracelets. I bought these with the intention of using them as a craft at one of the meetings but it didn’t work out. We wrote thank you letters instead.  Next year, I think I will skip the craft at Investiture. The girls made them, had fun, and calmed down a bit since they had to sit at a table and string beads. Or maybe I’ll keep the craft since it did help wind them down a bit.

For the ceremony, (what I had hoped would happen at least) was to welcome the parents, give the two returning Daisies their membership stars since they didn’t get them at the end of the previous year in their previous troop, and have them help me with the Daisy Pins and Promise Centers for the new Daisies. Since I have 13 new Daisies, they were each going to say a line of the Girl Scout Promise (3 relevant lines), or a line of the Girl Scout Law (10 relevant lines), then put a daisy into a vase. It works out perfectly. In theory. But they were way too wiggly at that point for any real semblance of that to happen. What did happen was me saying the line while they placed a daisy in a vase. Then I pinned them. I gave up giving the Promise Centers at the same time since I really, really needed to get through so they could run around. I did hand them out, but in retrospect, I should have just included the centers in the petal packets I made (small, snack size baggies to hold everything they’ve earned up until this point).

Back to my dream of what was supposed to happen…once we did the pinning, I would explain the packets to the parents, saying what the girls did to earn the petals, etc… Then show them the “A Friendly & Helpful Daisy Was Here!” flowers I made to help the girls earn their Yellow Petal. Each girl received three flowers to leave/give when she has been friendly or helpful.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. And after explaining that, I would do a nice little closing, have the girls sing “Make New Friends”, and then have a snack. I think somewhere in there, I was going to recite the Promise and Law, but that didn’t happen either. At least I got the girls to mumble through the Promise at the beginning of the ceremony. They normally do a much better job of it at meetings. Oh well. They’re 5 and 6 years old. I’m sure it will be different once they’re older and (hopefully) calmer.

In short, for this and at other meetings/field trips, I could not do this if it were not for heavy parental involvement. There is no way I could handle this on my own.  No way. I am incredibly blessed to have parents who want to help. I know there are troops out there that have to twist multiple limbs to get anyone to help, and I don’t know how they manage to function.  The only reason the chaos isn’t overwhelming is because I have parents who help (and are understanding).

The girls must enjoy it since several of them brought me Christmas gifts/cards/pictures. Very thoughtful, and honestly, completely unexpected.

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