This is a personal post as opposed to a school or Daisy post. I haven’t made resolutions in years. Honestly, the last one I remember making was when I was 11 to quit sucking my thumb. It’s possible I’ve made other resolutions since then, but I must not have accomplished them since I don’t remember.

Onwards…my resolutions for 2012:

1a. Lose weight (final goal is 50 lbs, which would put me back at my college weight – yay for marriage and 3 kids!).
1b. Exercise regularly (and most likely start running again once the weather warms up).

2. Teach myself how to play the piano.

3. Relearn math (with the ultimate goal being to see if I can make it through Calc III, maybe even Differential Equations).
**My disclaimer is that I liked math until I got to high school. Then something happened, I hated it, and consequently made it through only by the skin of my teeth. Let’s just say that I will never use Saxon with my kids because of that experience.**

4. Participate in an online group dedicated to reading one play by Shakespeare per month for the year. I bit the bullet earlier this evening and actually joined said group. Now it’s all about participating.

So here’s to hoping we have a quiet year. We aren’t moving half way across the country (yet again), we’re not having another baby, and there are no deployments scheduled. It’s  a good start.


One response to “Resolutions

  1. How are the resolutions progressing?


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