Weekly Recap 1/8/12

OPTGR / Reading –Bean has finished up through Lesson 67 in OPTGR, which covers the long A sound. We’ve already been working on long vowel sounds through her reading selections, so it wasn’t very hard. I shouldn’t think the remainder of the section on long vowels will trouble her too much. She’s still a bit hung up on –CH, SCR-, STR-, SPL-, and SPR-, but I figure we’ll just go back periodically and review those lessons.

Bean’s current selection for her read-aloud is Cat in the Hat. I find the story annoying, but she can read most of the words on her own.

For story-time, Little House in the Big Woods has stalled. It doesn’t seem to keep her interest. I’ll give it one more shot, and then be done with it if she’s too wiggly. In its place, we’ve been reading stories from various Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books. She really likes those! The routine has been to sit at the table while the littles are napping – I read, Bean plays with the nail/hammer toy she received for Christmas (one of the big hits). I would link it, but it doesn’t look like it is available here in the US (yay for friends in Germany!).

ETC –Bean finished ETC2 on Friday, and started ETC3 on Sunday. This book covers long vowels, words that end with –y, the digraphs we’ve already covered in OPTGR (sh, th, wh, ch, ng, ck), -tch (also covered already in OPTGR), and some vowel blends. She did the first 4 pages today. Her self-set goal is to do 4 pages per day.

Handwriting – we were again a bit remiss on handwriting this week. Bean copied several sheets I printed out, and also wrote some of her own sentences.

Logic – Bean whizzed through Lollipop Logic 2, and started Lollipop Logic 3. She’s completed the first 19 lessons so far. The analogies didn’t give her as much trouble in LL2 as in LL1, so here’s to hoping she does better this time. She has a very good eye for “these are X’s, these are not X’s, which pictures below are X’s”. Overall, logic has been a great addition to the lesson line-up.

Art – Bean had her monthly art class at the Albright-Knox this week. They did water color landscapes and added salt to them for effect. I Bean’s paintings turned out lovely.

In other art news, I am in the process of collecting all of the necessary supplies for Meet the Masters (MTM). I would like to try to do formal art (versus arts & crafts) once a week. It might not happen that frequently, but knowing Bean, she’ll probably want to do it more frequently. We’ll see.

In conjunction with MTM, I plan on doing the art projects in The Usborne Art Treasury that correspond to the given artist presented in MTM.  Out of the 22 artists in the Usborne book, only eight of those are covered in the three tracks of MTM. In the first track (A), the overlapping artists are Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet. So the first week, it will be MTM. The second week will be Usborne if possible. Then back to MTM. Once we finish the three tracks of MTM (20 artists), I’ll finish up the remaining artists in Usborne. Whenever possible, I want to include picture books about the artists or that incorporate the artists’ works. This sounds more heady than it should be in reality.

Science – Bean got two science kits for Christmas (colors and buoyancy – both little labs). She has been picking at the buoyancy kit with DH, who likes much better than the Magic School Bus kits since little labs give only the instructions to complete the experiment as opposed to a story (he sees it as fluff).

History – I’m in the process of planning pre-history for Bean. We’ll probably start it in the next month or so.  I have the “spine” so to speak, I just need to get the books/ideas to flesh it out. I bought the Giant Evolution Timeline poster and Ancient Creature Cards from Charlie’s Playhouse. Laminating the poster cost more than purchasing it – worth it though since Bean managed to rip it within five minutes of me unrolling it. *sigh* Now I need to trim it down and hand it in our stairwell. At 12 feet long, there’s really no other place for it, and DH refused to let me cut it into several pieces.

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