Weekly Recap 1/14/12

OPTGR / Reading – OPTGR was fairly easy for Bean this week. She’s not having any problems with the long vowel sounds.  We only did 3 lessons this week. In part because DH was home on Monday, and because lesson 70 was dense enough that I had to split it into two days. There is only so much Bean can handle per day and two wordy pages is past that limit.

We went to the library on Tuesday night to see if they had any readers appropriate to Bean’s level. It is actually hard to find them since most “level 1” readers have words that seem way too hard. I guess a lot of that has to do with the fact that phonics aren’t really taught anymore, and the kids have to rely on memorization of what a word looks like (I could be wrong about this). I did end up finding around 8 books that are in her range. So this week, she read:

The Cat in the Hat (we’re still plugging away at this one)
Cooking with the Cat
Ink, Wink, and Blink Work Out!
Splish, Splash

Bean’s read-aloud for this week was The Invention of Hugo Cabret. The book itself is several inches thick, but in a neat twist, about half the story is told in black line drawings (or old photographs). Bean absolutely adored this book! She kept asking for more, and like a sucker, I would read for a longer time than intended. This is the first book since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that she’s been this excited over. While at the library, I checked out the book that is a sort of sequel-ish book to Hugo. We’ll start that one tomorrow night.

ETC – Bean completed 18 pages this week (we’re three pages into lesson 3). Overall, it doesn’t seem too hard for her. Both ETC and OPTGR are complimenting each other nicely since we’re going over the same concepts in both.  Unlike in ETC1 and ETC2, we’re not skipping the pages that are 100% writing. The pages consist of a picture on the left, and then a line to write the word multiple times next to it. Bean only writes the word once.  This isn’t our main handwriting thing, so I don’t stress it .The only reason we’re not skipping those pages is because she wants to do them.

Handwriting – Nothing fancy to report here. I’ve been typing up sheets for Bean to trace in StartWrite. Sometimes I choose the content, and sometimes Bean dictates to me what she wants.

Logic – Bean finished up LL3 on Friday. Now I need to look through all of the Critical Thinking Company books to see which one(s) I want to start. Once we’ve gone though them (or when Bean needs something different), I’ll see what other logic books are available from the publisher who puts out the Lollipop Logic books.

Art – The supply kit I ordered from Rainbow Resources  for MTM arrived on Friday, I need to start working out lesson plans. The intention was to do it this weekend since DH took the kids to his parents, but…it didn’t work out that way. The internet is an evil beast that sucks me in, much to the extreme annoyance of DH. I’ll work on the lessons this week. Really, I just need to review the lesson so I’m not going into it cold.

Math – we did the first 5 lessons of RSA – it’s too easy for Bean, but I feel better about starting from the beginning. It definitely takes planning. Kind of a pain, but I’ve heard if you can soldier through that, it’s a good program for hands-on kids. Bean seems to do better with math when we use manipulatives. I will admit that we only did RS three of the days this week. DH played Math Dice Jr. with her the other two days.

Geography –I had planned on 1x per wk, but bean loves it, so it will most likely be every day (or most days). The first day, Bean drew maps of several rooms in the house. The second day, she drew her own treasure map to be used in our backyard. It has definitely struck a chord with her.

I have Evan-Moor’s Beginning Geography. We’ll do 3-4 pages at a pop as it seems that’s how many pages any given concept is covered. The book is divided into 3 sections – Map Skills, Landforms & Bodies of Water, and Continents & Oceans. Once we finish the book, we’ll move onto the Intellego unit studies I bought a long time ago in anticipation of homeschooling. Once we’ve done those, I don’t know what we’ll do. Maybe find another curriculum, or maybe just load up on geography-based board games.

Spanish – La Clase Divertida finally arrived (I ordered it at the end of Nov). It is definitely not something to order at the last minute.  I like it based off the cursory look through I’ve given it. I was also supposed to go through it this weekend so Bean could start it this week. I’ll figure it out tomorrow once we’re finished with the rest of school. Bug will be at daycare, so I’ll have the time to get it organized (as long as Bean doesn’t hover and repeatedly ask when we’ll start it).


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