Daisies: Money Counts and Safety Award

The girls were in fine form this past Thursday. There must have been something in the air to make them more rambunctious than normal. I wonder if part of the reason they were so riled up was from playing “evade the vacuum” before the meeting started. The room we meet in had popcorn all over the floor, so I had to hunt down a vacuum and clean it up. The vacuum was hard to find and horribly decrepit.  It sort of did the job; enough that I managed to skooch the crumbs to the side of the room.

The Daisies earned their Money Counts Financial Literacy Leaf and continued to work on the requirements for the Safety Award. I split the girls up into two groups (three moms per group), and had them work at each station for approximately 15 minutes before they switched. Once they completed both stations, the girls colored Thank You cards for the firefighter and Coast Guard. I bounced back and forth between the groups, helping out as needed, but generally wasn’t needed.  It felt kind of odd to not really be doing anything. It make me think of DH, whose management style has always been to delegate and then stand in the background making sure everything runs smoothly.

For Money Counts, I gave the moms the pages from the Guide that had the requirements (understand different kind of coins, know more about paper money, and find out the cost of fun) and did a brief rundown of it. My step-mom found some very realistic fake money at a local consignment shop and bought it explicitly for this Leaf. Having a visual (without using real money) is always good.  I also printed out some simple coin worksheets from Enchanted Learning. One had the girls matching pictures of the coins to their written names and number/symbol. The second gave them a mix of coins they had to color using different colored crayons. There was strong debate about the appropriate shade of brown for the pennies – Nutty Brown was not acceptable, but Hot Fudge was.

The other station was practicing the requirements for the Safety Award. The girls worked on reciting their addresses/phone numbers, stop-drop-and-roll, and what to do if a friend is choking (which was kind of funny to watch as 5-6 yr old girls do not have the longest arms to reach around a mom). Ultimately, 4 of the 14 girls earned their Award tonight.  We’ll continue to practice until all of the girls earn the award. Even the ones who have already earned it will still be called on for a “pop quiz” time to make sure they still remember it. I’m sure they will, as the girls who received the award already knew their address/phone number. Bean still has trouble with our phone number, so it might be another meeting or two before she gets hers.

Speaking of Bean – she was being pouty, so I said I would practice with her, which lead to all of the girls in that group wanting to practice too. We stood in a line and did s/d/r. Bean just stood there with her lower lip hanging to the ground.  When I finally did get her on the ground, I asked her if she wanted to roll like a hot dog, or a sausage, or a banana. The banana one (accompanied by some tickling) made her forget she was pouty and she started to laugh. Of course, once she realized this, she pouted again. And some of the other girls, realizing a good opportunity when they saw one, piled on me and tickled me. Oh the joys of opportunistic children.

Coming up for future meetings, it looks like we’ll meet three times in February instead twice. The agenda:

#1: make Valentine’s Day cards for our pen pals and for patients at a hospice.
#2: learn about Australia (the father of one of the girls is Australian)
#3: learn about Colombia (the mother of one of the girls is Colombian)

Also in February, Bean and two other girls from the troop will do an Overnight at the Aquarium.  I wish more girls had been able to go, but by the time more expressed interest, it had filled up. Maybe next year this can be a troop activity versus a “hey, Bean and I are doing this, anyone want to join us?” thing.

I would like to take the girls maple sugaring in March, so I’m in the process of trying to track down a farm that offers tours. There are several in about an hour radius of where we are. There are only two weekends in March that tours are offered, and for one of them, Bean, Min, and I will be in Germany. There is one specific group I am trying to get a hold of (left a message on Friday) because they teach the kids how maple sugar was produced throughout history by different peoples. Fingers crossed I can make this work.


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