Daisy Coast Guard Visit

A week overdue, but …

We had our visit to the Coast Guard station last Saturday, the 21st. Out of 14 girls, 11 made it – 1 had to cancel at the last minute because of a schedule conflict, and 2 because they thought the trip was on Sunday. All in all a nice trip. The next time we go there, I think it will be during one of the warmer months. It wasn’t snowing that day, but it was cold and there was snow on the ground. Also, I will strictly enforce the number of chaperones. It was too tight in their main building for 30 people. In a way, it’s good that all of the parents stayed. I had allotted an hour and fifteen minutes for the visit, but it only took around 45 minutes.

Everyone met in the Old Fort Niagara parking lot, and then we caravanned down the station after being buzzed in through the gate. Some families carpooled for short ride down there since the station’s parking lot is small.  Once at the station, we were greeted by a large dog (whose bark was big, but was a sweetie). I missed the inside part of the tour as I drove back up to the parking lot to see if our two missing girls had arrived yet. They hadn’t, so I went back down. I found out later that I being filmed by the CG security cameras while the girls watched. For some reason, this set them into a fit of giggles.

The second part of the visit was in their garage. The CG had one of their boats there (the other is too large to overwinter at the station and was being stored elsewhere). Our guides went over the basics of the boats and equipment. The parents got more out of the trip than the girls, but at least the girls were exposed to it. And one of the CG was a woman (not expected). The only real disappointment from the girls was that they couldn’t go out on the boat. Maybe next time. Maybe if it’s cleared by the CG higher-ups.


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