Weekly Recap 1/29/12

I didn’t realize that I had forgotten to do an update last week…

OPTGR / Reading – We completed up through lesson 79. Bean breezed through the long vowels, had only minimal trouble with CK to KE, and had no trouble with “to, too, and two”.  We will repeat two of the most recent lessons – soft C and soft G – just to give her a bit more practice. Telling her that English rarely makes sense and that you just have to accept/memorize is happening more frequently now.

For reading, Bean reread several of the library books listed in the previous recap, and read The Snowman and The Kingdom of Color (a somewhat lame Tangled book).

We finished reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret (much beloved by Bean), and read Wonderstruck, the author’s next venture. For me, the resolution of the plot was a bit predictable, but it still held my attention enough to keep reading. Bean enjoyed it too, though not as much as Hugo. Up next is either My Father’s Dragon or Tumtum & Nutmeg: Adventures Beyond Nutmouse Hall.

ETC – Bean is still progressing in ETC3. She’s a little over halfway through it – just started lesson 8 today. It’s easy for the most part, but then pretty much everything covered so far she’s dealt with in OPTGR.

Handwriting – I’ve been meaning to sit down with Bean and type out a response to her Daisy pen pal so she can trace it for handwriting, but…I haven’t. Instead, I’ve been printing between 3-5 sentences incorporating whatever sounds/letter combos she’s working on.

Logic – For the most part logic has consisted of doing 2-4 pages of Thinkerdoodles per day. A couple of times, I threw in some Can You Find Me? for variety. It’s definitely a change of pace and content from Lollipop Logic.

Math – We have completed up through lesson 9 in RSA. The past several lessons have actually taken more than 5-10 minutes to complete, which is nice. I feel like we’re actually being productive. The lessons have taken her up to number 10, taught her a cute little song called, “Yellow is the Sun” to help her learn some simple addition, and introduced parallel and perpendicular lines/planes.

Geography – Bean finished the map portion of the book and is now working on Landmasses and Bodies of Water. I need to create some kind of flashcard or memory system to help her retain what she learns. When we did the review pages for maps, she had trouble remembering what some of the things were (like borders and map grids). Geography is still her subject du jour.

Co-Op – Last week (1/25/12), Bean started taking classes at a homeschool co-op offered through a local church.  It is one day per week, and for Bean, lasts from 11:45am till 2:45pm. I signed her up for all of the classes a kindergartener can take – Calendar Celebrations, Art, Weather, and Gym.  I was a bit worried, but she had fun. Within a minute of entering the classroom, another girl introduced herself. When I picked her up, a little boy asked if she was staying for snacks (she wasn’t as I didn’t realize I could bring some and then hang out for a while). When asked, Bean had fun, and even remembered what she did. Usually, if you ask about something she’s done in a class, she completely forgets once she’s left the classroom.

For me, the moms I met were all very nice. And there are a number of them who have homeschooled through high school (yay for resources!).

Art / Spanish – Nope…still haven’t started them. Or pre-history. Someday soon…

And lastly, some things I need to add (even if they didn’t happen during this recap time frame):

Fairy Wands

Mommy In Play-Doh

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