Weekly Recap 2/5/12

I am going ot take a moment to do an update from my, “holy nuts, my kid is driving me crazy acting like a wild, horrendously bratty heathen!!!” post in December. The only subjects that have been added into the fold are Logic and Geography. Both are winners. I’ve also been trying to make a point to do other things as well. So some days we’ll do puzzles or paint or playdoh/moonsand or play outside…you get the picture. And now that Bean has more do occupy her time, her behavior is loads better. I think she was just bored.

OPTGR / Reading – Bean completed through lesson 83 (review of long-vowel sounds). Instead of moving on, I had her go over soft C and G again just for practice.

For reading, Bean reread two of her library books (Splish, Splash and Ink, Wink, and Blink Work Out!) and started the Cat in the Hat book, Oh Say Can You Seed. She read this several months ago, and the improvement is marked. I will admit that out of 7 days, she read only 3 of those.

Three Stories of My Father’s Dragon is the current read aloud. It is simplistic, but Bean loves it. It is another “one more chapter, pleeeeaasseeee!!!!!” book. We’re part way through the second book at the moment.

ETC – Bean finished lessons 8 and 9 (minus one page). Nine was review, and minus some words she’s never come across, it was easy.

Handwriting – Yep. Only did two days of handwriting. I printed out some silly sentences from Start Write. Hopefully we’ll do better next week.

Math – Another fail. We did only one more lesson in RSA. The lack of rubber bands is what held us up from doing Lesson 11. I tried to get them, but Wal-Mart was wiped clean of rubber bands (really, Wal-Mart? Really?). I know I could have easily gone to another store, but my excuse was that I didn’t want to have to drag all three kids out for only rubber bands. DH was TDY last week, so I decided we would just wait until he got back.

Logic – This subject is always a winner. We’ve been inserting it in between other subjects. So a page or two of Can You Find Me?, then a page of ETC, then back to logic, then on to some of OPTGR, back to logic, back to ETC, etc…It seems be a good motivator for Bean to buckle down and knockout several subjects fairly quickly (as she is prone to tangents).

Geography – We’re still on Landmasses and Bodies of Water. The flashcard system has still not been created (I really need to keep a running list of things I need to do regarding school planning on my corkboard). We hit a slight bump with geography in that there were four pages of puzzle pieces that needed to be cut out. Of course, I could have just cut them, had Bean put them together and move on, but no…I had to spend my sweet time digging through the guest room closet looking for the Derwent watercolor pencils I’ve had since I was around 11 yrs old, just so I could color them. Which I then did. And now they’re wrinkly and crinkly from water. At some point this week, I will iron them, and then laminate them between clear contact paper. And only then, will we continue with geography.

Co-Op – Bean is still enjoying the co-op. About the only thing I could get out of her before the “I forgets” set in was that they went over Groundhog Day in her calendar class.

Great Toddler Time-Occupier

Daddy Surfing in Outer Space.


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