1st Feb Daisy Meeting

Thursday’s Daisy meeting was a bit off. I forgot my outline (and consequently completely bombed the first part of the meeting), and only 9 of 14 girls were there. Although, given that they were a bit hyper, this was probably a good thing.

I started out by going over the Kaper Chart (it was the center of much attention while we were waiting to start) that I should have made last November, but better late than never. There are 14 jobs for 14 girls – that took some planning, and even then two of the girls are Alternates. So the jobs are:

Alternates (2)
Clean-Up Checkers (2)
Craft Helpers (2)
Friendship Squeeze Starter
Promise Leader
Hand Raiser (GS quiet sign – this took some explaining)
Leader’s Helper
Snack Helpers (2)
Song Leader
Triangle Ringer

Given that five girls were missing (including both craft helpers), the one alternate who was there was plenty busy. I co-opted some of the other girls as helpers too. That’s not a problem since they all love helping.

After our Opening Circle, I launched into Vi’s Story. Well…my attempt of it at least. I had a nice little paraphrase/interactive version of it on my outline.  After flubbing the first several lines, I just dropped it and talked about the postcards. I like the idea of receiving postcards from flowers across the world, but it would be so much better if we really received postcards. I put a call out for help in my military network and my former-cruise line-employee network, and came out with a variety of postcards – Japan, Hawaii, UAE, and Australia. One of the moms received some postcards from Nevada and Arizona. Big mistake #2 (after forgetting my outline on my computer desk) was putting all of the postcards in the middle of our circle. The girls started grabbing at them and pretty much stopped listening. I was able to get through two cards, but after that it was a lost battle. On a side, one of the Kindergarteners guessed that the card with a pagoda on it was China – right continent, wrong country, but very good guess for a 5 year old.

At giving up on the postcard idea, we went to the next room to practice the Safety Award. The girls were split into three groups of three. Again, this didn’t last long before they were just too antsy to focus (maybe 5 minutes at most). My group of three was able to get through their addresses/phone numbers and the Heimlich maneuver before they lost it. So I lined the girls up in front of the tumbling mat and hand them s/d/r for me several times to get their wiggles out. While several of the moms and the two craft helpers got the craft set up, I played Simon Says with the rest of the girls. When we went to the craft room, one girl correctly pointed out that I forgot to say “Simon Says” before telling everyone it was craft time. Touché, young Daisy.

The crafts of the evening were Valentine’s Day cards – three per girl – one for their pen pal, two for the pediatric unit of a local cancer research hospital.  Some of the girls really got into making the cards. Some were very creative (as in drawing an outline of their hand and cutting it out of the card). I need to go through the cards to check out the “givability” of some of them. Some of the parents were kind enough to put the ones obviously labeled for pen pals in one paper bag, and ones obviously labeled for the hospital in another. They also bagged up any unused, but still usable, card-making supplies.

During snack-time, the girls exchanged Valentine’s they brought for their troop-mates. After we closed the meeting, I met with the moms there and went over the Spring Product Sale information (nuts and magazines). It’s not a mandatory thing, but it would be nice if each girl sold at least one “share” so they could get the corresponding patch. The “share” program gives nuts/magazines to military personnel overseas. I will give the remaining parents the information at our meeting this coming Thursday.

Adding – one more Daisy earned her Safety Award tonight. This puts the troop at 5 of 14 girls.

And one more aside…Here is the prop I made to help the girls with the GS Law. it’s a foam core board w/three segments so it can stand on its own. The stickers came from the back of the Girl Guide. I put each petal in contact paper for my poor man’s lamination. Each petal/center is stuck to the board with a small piece of velcro. The girls love this board.


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