FG Badges: Care Bears & Library

Bean and I have been working on several FG badges: Care Bears and Library.

First up, the Care Bear Badge. Yes…there is a badge for this. It involves learning about character. I had been planning on starting this, but had yet to look on Netflix to find out if any of the movies/shows were streamed. Turns out they are. Bean started watching the first movie one afternoon. I figured it was a good time to start working on the badge requirements.

When she finished the movie, we talked about the lesson you’re supposed to walk away with. Her take was that everyone has someone who cares about them – you’re never alone. (I might have helped guide her to this conclusion as she likes to take the easy way out thinking-wise sometimes)

Next up was creating her own tummy badge. Since she was into blowing bubbles that day, she is Bubble-Blowing Bear (one small, dark pink circle inside a large, light pink circle). She teaches other how to blow bubbles with their gum. She also catches bad guys with her bubbles.

(insert tummy picture)

We’ve covered the history/creation of the Care Bears, and we’re currently working on learning the names, colors, tummy badges, and purpose of each of the 10 original bears. I have to figure out the bad guys – I know who they are, but do I cover all of them, or just the main ones? Do I add in the Care Bears who aren’t evil, but self-centered and misguided? Oh the agony!

At least to help Bean with her main bears, I made some handy visual aids. Yes. I spent too much time trying to find the pictures (the bears’ stats are on the back). And yes, I recommend very specific search parameters or you will turn up some delicate photographs (on at least one of the bears). Thankfully, Bean was NOT in the room when I learned this.

The second badge we’re working on is the Library Badge. Bean has been haranguing me to get her own library card here like she had in Nebraska. Finally, I gave in. She was so incredibly excited and proud. The library suggested that we get her a special book bag and attach one of her cards to it. Our library gives out two library cards – one regular card for your wallet, and a smaller one with a hole that can be attached to your key chain. Bean wanted to go out right then and there to get a bag. We went the following day while Bug was at daycare.

Bean chose the bag, and I was suckered into helping her decorate it. You might think you can tell our contributions apart, but a lot of the dots are hers. The peace signs are mine.  I was told to do those. Now I need to find a ribbon or something to attach her library card to the bag.

In order to finish up this badge, we need to review library etiquette, go through her books to donate some to the library, and one more thing. She was going to go to the story hour this past Saturday, but because of the snow/road conditions, we didn’t make it back from her ballet class until after the hour started.  The next one isn’t until March (while we’re in German). This story hour is done only once a month as it is put on by club at the local middle school. We’ll figure something out. Bean has been nagging me to go back to the library to check out more books.

On a side, she wants to be a librarian when she grows up. She also wants to have five kids. I told her to make sure she finds a husband who also wants five kids. She doesn’t think it will be a problem as she is planning on having DH go with her to pick out said husband. Good luck, kid.


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