Weekly recap 2/19/12

OPTGR / Reading – Bean completed lesson 88 week 1, and lesson 91 week 2. There is some overlap between OPTGR and ETC3, so these were fairly easy for her. She has a little bit of confusion with EA, but only in the sense that she still needs to learn which words say a long-a and which words say a long-e. I don’t think I’ll need to go back and repeat this section. She seems to be doing alright with the sounds during reading.

For the life of me, I can’t remember what she was reading over the past two weeks. I know she did some more of the seed/plant Cat In The Hat science book, and she read a little bit of her new Big Backyard magazine, but those don’t account for each day. Week 2, I slacked and she only read 3 of 7 days, but even with that, I can’t remember what she read.

The current read aloud for bedtime is The Adventures of Tumtum & Nutmeg. We’re only several chapters in at the moment, but Bean is enjoying it. We did finish up Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon, which was an overall winner.

ETC – Bean once again almost completed another book, but stopped two pages away from the end. Why she likes to do this, I don’t know.  Now I’m waffling over moving on to ETC4 or skipping it in favor of ETC5. I’ve read on one of the forums that ETC4 is a significant jump in difficulty, and that a lot of people skip it and come back once they’ve completed books 5 and 6. DH of course, just rolled his eyes and said to do ETC4 until it became too hard, then skip the rest of it. After prepping the book (putting the pages into sheet protectors), it does seem like it will be a challenge given they start dealing with rules instead of sounds. Bean should be able to do up through lesson 5 without difficulty, but after that, I don’t know. But then looking at ETC5, some of the words they use were covered in ETC4, so….basically, I’m worrying too much over something that really isn’t worth worrying about.

Handwriting – Handwriting was varied – writing Valentine’s, writing a pen pal letter, Start Write worksheets, and Bean’s books.

Math RS A – Wouldn’t you know that after hunting down rubber bands that there were rubber bands in the geoboards. Of course I didn’t think to look there in the first place, but oh well. Now we have a lot of rubber bands.

The first week, we didn’t really get a lot done (I guess the same would go for the second week too). We only did RS two of the days. The third day she did math, it was playing Frog Juice with DH. The second week, though we did only three days, each of those days was RS. A trick I figured out somewhat late in the game of the school year – do math first. If I make sure math is the first subject we do in the morning, then it gets done. If I slip up, and start in on other subjects, then it gets kind of iffy.

Overall, we completed up through lesson 15. And now there are two additional math games we can play (if/when I remember): More, the RS version of War; and Memory.

Logic – We finished Can You Find Me K-1 and started on Dr. Doo Riddles A2 (which just made me wonder where A1 is…). We’re about half way through it right now, with Bean getting most of the answers right.  I try to do four individual pages per day. Sometimes we do more. Sometimes, I insert a page in between other subjects just to break it up – such as when we need to jam through school because of appointments or co-op or because I need a day where it seems like we accomplish something.

Geography – we finished Landforms/Water and moved on to Continents. I checked out Children Like Me from the library to supplement the worksheets. So when we did South America, we read about kids and what their lives are like in various countries in South America. Bean seemed to enjoy that.

Below is the landforms puzzle that I spent way too much time coloring:

Field trip – A somewhat last minute field trip popped up at one of the local homeschool groups to a hydroponic farm in the area this coming Friday. I’m hoping that I can drop the two littles off at DH’s work on the way there.


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