2nd Feb Daisy Meeting – Colombia

This is a week overdue, unfortunately. Our second February meeting was our first World Thinking Day meeting. This one was all about Colombia, as the mother of one of the Daisies is from there. 13 out of 14 girls were there (though I think we might have lost another one, and are now at 13 girls for the troop total).

We started the meeting as always, and then handed the floor to the Daisy and her mom. They brought in posters, money, photos, and a traditional dress. They also played a song on the computer for the girls to listen to.  After talking, the girls went to the craft room to color pictures of the Colombian flag. I brought in the supplies to make ponchos from brown paper grocery bags, but they weren’t needed (well…really they should have been, but I didn’t realize the clock in the craft room was 15 minutes ahead, so we ended the meeting early). For a snack, we had arroz con leche. Most of the girls tried it and most of them liked it. The general consensus was that it tasted like cinnamon oatmeal.

At the end of this meeting, I gave the girls a Colombia patch (purchased from Patchwork Designs), their World Trefoil Pin, and their Violet Petal.


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