3rd Feb Daisy Meeting – Australia

Last night we had our second special, World Thinking Day meeting. Australia was the topic at hand since the father of one of the Daisies is from there. He came in and talked to the girls about it – history, geography, animals, etc…He definitely had a rapport with the girls and had them giggling up a storm (especially while tossing stuffed animals).

The meeting started with him giving a brief overview of Australia, and with the Daisy showing pictures of her trip there.  Then we moved over to our craft room to make a snack that Australian children eat – stale yellow cake, dunked in liquid chocolate, and then rolled in toasted coconut. The girls definitely enjoyed it, and we had to keep reminding them they were going to eat the cake later once it had hardened. (And yes, I know this is somewhat worthless without pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera. Go me.) The girls then trooped back to our main room to learn more about Australia and to color pictures of native animals.

Before they started coloring, though, I addressed “coloring etiquette” as there have been some issues at recent meetings regarding sharing/using the crayons and markers.  I didn’t single anyone out (I hope), and just said that before you take a marker/crayon that is lying near another Daisy, ask her first if she is using it. On the flipside, if you are using, say a red marker, don’t take any other color since you can only use one at a time, and another girl might want to use one of those other colors that you took, but aren’t yet using. Hopefully no one’s feathers got ruffled. The girls did seem to take it to heart and were asking each other before using various colors. It was nice to see. I also addressed cleaning up the crayons/markers, since sometimes they get a bit too enthusiastic and can grab colors away from other girls. I also made sure to hover and redirect a couple girls to make sure there were no tears and hurt feelings.

Only nine girls showed up for this meeting (it was during a school break), but they all had fun. I am really glad I have a working Kaper Chart as all of them love that they have a job each meeting. Not all jobs are done every time, but each girl will get a chance to cycle through before the year is over.

Up next is the Welcome to the Flower Garden Journey (with heavy modifications). I ended the meeting by telling the girls that we will start a garden journey in March.  There was much excitement over the prospect of getting to have a little garden of their own.

The girls added a second country patch from Patchwork Designs at the end of this meeting.


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