Weekly Recap 2/26/12

OPTGR / Reading – Bean completed lesson 95 (Y plus a silent E). Moving on from here are more long vowel sounds. For the most part, she’s doing well. I don’t think I’ll have to repeat any block of lessons. I might have to go back periodically and repeat individual ones. It depends on her reading. She’s doing great with that, so maybe not. I am waiting, waiting, waiting for it to all click. I want to see her become a bookworm.

For reading, Bean is back to reading The Cat in the Hat. It is amazing what a difference a couple months makes. She knows pretty much all of the words, and can read at a fairly decent pace. I have to help her with maybe 1-2 words per page, and some pages none at all. She brought the book with her this weekend to show off her reading skills to her grandparents.

The Adventures of Tumtum & Nutmeg were set aside this week. I’m trying to decide if Bean likes it. The story has elements that seem to attract her to a given story, but Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle held too strong a sway over her. We did finish that book at least. I own two other books in the series, and I’m sure we’ll start on them next week.

ETC – We started ETC4 on Tuesday. I needed to track down some finer tipped markers than the ones we had been using. There is a definite decrease in font size between ETC3 and 4. So far so good as she gets the concept of using two words to make a new one, e.g. cupcake.  We are almost finished with lesson 1.

Handwriting – Started D’Nealian 1 (first grade book). Bean can write, but she’s making her letter-writing more complicated than it needs to be. I tracked down some wet erase markers with fine tips so she could use those instead of the thin dry erase markers (too thick for the font size). My plan is to have her do one page, front and back on Day A. Then on Day B, she’ll do a worksheet from Start Write using those two letters. There is no need to zip through the book. I want her to write her letters well, without making more strokes than necessary.

Math – Yet again, we did only three days of math this week. I can’t even try to tack a couple on this weekend since DH took the kids to his parents’ house (oh the blissful silence!). Bean seems to enjoy math, and she’s very good about hounding me to do it first thing in the morning. Part of the reason for only three lessons this week is that I ran out of prepped lessons. I spent yesterday afternoon prepping about eight more, but ran out of ink in my printer. It’s on my list to finish up this weekend.

On an aside about math, Bean hit some subtraction problems while playing JumpStart yesterday. We have barely touched on addition, and have not done any subtraction.  I pulled out our handy abacus and gave her a quick lesson on subtraction. She picked up on it very quickly. She is definitely a manipulatives girl. Seeing the numbers in concrete form makes a huge difference for her in grasping the concepts.

Science – Bean’s February Magic School Bus (MSB) kits arrived in the mail this week (Magnets). She was beyond thrilled and wanted to start on it that minute. I told her to wait until Daddy came home so he could do it with her.  Again, I don’t really know what was in the kit beyond various magnets, a loadstone, and some iron shavings, but Bean loved it. It passed muster with DH as well, who doesn’t really care for the MSB kits.

The following night, they did the MSB kit we received in January – Solids, Liquids, and Gases. Again, I believe this kit is alright by DH. There were some slight issues with the “blow up a balloon using baking soda and vinegar in a bottle” experiment since Bug desperately wanted the balloon. She started screeching when she couldn’t have it. Bean liked the experiment that involved milk (can’t remember what it was mixed with). She kept going on about how it looked like Min’s barf. The highlight of the experiments though was one not included in the kit, and not really related to states of matter; DH took Bean off on an acid/base tangent. He has XX (whatever the acid in apples is, I’ll have to ask him when he gets home). He mixed it with sugar and then placed it on Bean’s tongue. The chemical reaction that happens once it gets wet is to froth and fizz. It is a weird feeling.  Your mouth tingles while it feels like it’s filling up with foam. Both girls got a kick out of it and wanted DH to keep putting more of it on their tongues.

Logic – Nothing new here. We’re still plugging away at Dr. DooRiddles A2.

Geography –We covered Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. DH was home on Monday, so he did Geography with Bean at her request. We are almost done with Continents (and thus the book). I don’t know what we’ll do next. I should probably get some books from the library about Germany since we’ll be going there in two weeks (yay!!!).


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