Hydroponic Farm Visit

On Friday, February 24th, Bean and I went on our third homeschool field trip – to a local hydroponic tomato farm.  It was a neat experience, though I think a bit too detailed based off the age of the kids there. They were all essentially lost partway through the greenhouse portion. Regardless, it was fun to see one of these farms in action.

We started out in the warehouse, learning the basics – what tomatoes are grown, where they’re sold, common pest/fungal problems, how they pollinate the plants in such close quarters (bumble bees), and the medium the plants take root in (ground coconut husks).

From there we moved to the greenhouse. After that portion was finished, the kids were allowed to pick some tomatoes off the vines (we missed most of that because Bean had to go to the bathroom).

The final stop was the refrigerated room that holds the tomatoes before they’re shipped. At the end of the tour, they generously gave each child a package of cherry tomatoes.


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