Resolution Update

I made a little bit more headway in the resolution department in February than in January. I’m still exercising, though the what/how has changed a bit. And I started reading the February play for the Shakespeare group – Much Ado About Nothing. I haven’t finished it yet, but I do love this play. It’s one of my favorites. On the movie front, Michael Keaton as Dogberry is wonderful (I prefer to think of him as this character versus the one from Pacific Heights. That movie still gives me the heebies and I watched it close to 18 years ago).

March’s play is The Tempest. I have the book from the library and am planning on bringing it with me to Germany to read during any down time (like airports or planes). I’ve only recently watched the movie-version (with Helen Mirren), and really liked it.

Back to exercising. I have not gone to the belly dancing class as it conflicted with my newest (and most likely the one that’s going to stick) exercise endeavor – Krav Maga. One of my closest friends has been hounding me for years to learn this (and before he started this form, Muai Thai). And you know I should have listened to him. I absolutely, hands down LOVE IT! It’s a bit of a hike at a 40 minute one-way drive, but worth every minute of it. The biggest thing in its favor is that I am losing weight and inches. I’ve gone down a pants size and I’ve lost another 3.5 lbs, putting me below what I weighed when I got pregnant with Min.

The kettlebell class also fell to the wayside. Not so much because I got lazy, but because life got in the way. Between DH being gone or snow or girl scouts, I haven’t been able to go. It’s a shame because I did enjoy it. The up side to this is that I can do it at home as long as I have the motivation to, which hopefully should be a bit easier to come by now that results are starting to show.

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