Weekly Recap 3/4/12

OPTGR/Reading – we hit lesson 99 in OPTGR, which means only 41 lessons until I add in First Language Lessons. We’ll most likely get to lesson 140 sometime in May. Yikes! I’ll have to figure out how to balance the two – every day, alternate days, etc…

OPTGR Lesson 97 extra activity

Bean finally finished Green Eggs and Ham (started last Nov/Dec). I know I sound like a broken record, but again…what a difference a few months make! Her reading has improved so much. I have no comparison for what normal, fast, or slow is, but to me, it seems fast. We went to the library last night to check out some more leveled readers. There are a lot more she can feasibly read now than the last time we checked out books.

Other books from this week:
The Cat in The Hat
Big Pig and Little Pig
Who Stole the Cookies?

Read alouds were a bit sketchy this week. We read a version of Puss in Boots, Fritz and the Mess Fairy, and started the junior novelization of TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

ETC – Bean made it through the first two lessons of ETC4 with minimal problems. Once she hit lesson 3, however, it was too much. This lesson had her breaking down words by syllable, splitting a word like “rabbit” (vc/cv). Now I see why some people choose to skip ETC4 and come back to it later. This is what we’re going to be doing. Today, I had her do the first couple of pages in ETC5.

Handwriting – We started the first grade D’Nealian book on Monday. My plan to do one page (front and back) on the first day, and then a Start Write copy sheet using the letters from the previous day, seems to be working. I did get lax and let three days go by without any handwriting. Well…I guess I could technically say two since I made Bean start a worksheet, but gave up partway through it since she was in a ragingly snotty mood. Today, she wanted to trace the lyrics to “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”, so that’s what she did.

Math –Our best week yet! We did five days of math! (completed through lesson 23)

Logic – We started Dr. DooRiddles A1. Some of them Bean answers after only one or two lines of the riddle has been read, others she doesn’t know.

Geography – finished Evan-Moor, need to figure out what to do next. Read the book People.

Art – finally started MTM. Because it’s taken me so long to start this, there’s the original version and a new version. I’m sticking with the original at the moment since what I’ve based my art supply purchases off of. We did the preview lesson on Tues, and I have to admit, it’s a little lame. It gave a brief overview of the artists we’ll be studying (Van Gogh, Cassatt, etc…) and then had the kids create a portfolio. I skipped the portfolio portion since all art will be put up on the wall as soon as it’s completed.

Hand/Home-made blank journals for Bean.

Who says you need expensive toys in order to have fun?


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