3/8 Daisies, Part 1 – Our first foray into a Journey

A few of the girls have a really hard time focusing on what we’re doing, and it’s reached a point where I need to do something about it now. Well…it’s mainly one girl who has problems, but she rubs off on two others and I end up having to interrupt meetings to deal with them. #1’s attention wanders and/or she’ll get loud and rambunctious.  I probably should have done something about it sooner, but the day was just, ugh… I was already frazzled to begin with (from Bug hiding my car keys that morning to trying to get all three kids out the door to the meeting since DH was out of town, and of course all the small things kept going wrong). My #1 walked out of the meeting room several times, the other two did the same though at different times. I need to implement something to counteract this. I truly think a lot of this is because the girls are more comfortable now then when we started. Manners/behavior can degrade as comfort level increases. So…at the next meeting #1 will sit next to me where I can keep a  close eye on her, and the other two will need to sit elsewhere in our circle (and when we do projects). I think we’ll also do a refresher on the Respect Authority and Be Responsible For What I Say and Do petals.

On to the meeting – we started 15 minutes late as most people trickled in after our starting time of 6:30pm. The girls were rowdy from the get-go, and since I was already stressed/frazzled, it was an, “I really, really, really need a beer and a quiet house” night. I had wanted to go over each petal/line of the GS Law, but didn’t since the natives were restless. I wanted to dive straight into the meeting.

I read the first part of The Curious Garden and stopped after each paragraph to get comments/responses from the girls about their thoughts. I used my stopping point (when the little boy found the garden that was in need of a gardener) to segue into the Daisies being gardeners. We moved to the craft room and the girls paired off (retrospectively, I need to come up with an egalitarian way to divide them since we had a slight glitch with one girl wanting to be partners with another, who didn’t want to be partners with her). I mixed the seed-starting soil with water, and place one large bowl per table. One of the moms passed out small plastic cups for the girls to scoop the soil into the trays (12” x 12” black plastic trays). I had to remind them to keep the soil fluffy as the seeds can’t grow in smooshed down soil.

I bought six packets of heirloom lettuce seeds:  Amish Deer Tongue, Crisp Mint, Red Velvet, Forellenschluss, Bronze Arrowhead, and Susan’s Red Bibb (arrived the same day as the meeting! And of course, I forgot them at home, so one of the moms graciously offered to drive to my house and bring them back). Each pair received one packet. The girls sprinkled the seeds on the soil, and lightly rubbed soil over them. The girl who had been jilted by a potential partner stayed behind for several minutes since I asked if she would like to do the last tray of lettuce. Since we had only 11 girls, one tray was left over (I had her triple up with some other girls). She seemed happy to do it, so hopefully it was a decent consolation.

(I know…I should bring my camera with me to the meetings…)


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