3/22/12 Daisies – Part 1

I’m going to divide this post up into two parts: the actual meeting, and the horror that was girls’ behavior (yeah…this will be thoroughly addressed at our next meeting).

After our Opening Circle, I read each line of the GS Law from our daisy poster. I pulled off the petals for Responsible For What I Say and Do, Respect Authority, and Respect Myself and Others. I wanted to talk specifically about the meanings of those petals given the girls’ behavior at our previous meaning. I asked them what they thought each petal meant, and followed up with another example if their response was a little off track.

The book, The Curious Garden, was a good choice. When I told the girls we were reading it again, I received a small chorus of, “yays!”. We started on the page right after the boy finds the garden, and ended on the pages he spent winter prepping for spring.

When we finished our brief discussion of the three petals, we moved next door to take a look at how our lettuces were growing. All six showed up, and five of those six were still alive. I was happy. It turned out a lot better than I was expecting. The girls teamed up to thin some of the seedlings out since they had planted them willy-nilly.

Bean and partner’s lettuce.

Because they had done a lot of sitting, we headed back to our main meeting room and played the Garden Scamper game from the Journey’s leader manual (page 53). This game is winner!  Oh boy did the girls love it! Since we had 10 girls, it worked out perfectly to have them stand in two rows facing each other. I stood at the head and called out a (garden) animal. The girls then had to pretend to be that animal, walking down the length of the rows. When they got to the end, they got back in line. All of them really got into the game, some of the girls requesting animals (I did not know cheetahs were associated with gardens). We ended up playing three rounds before we adjourned for snack time.

Snack time was much needed as it helped calm and quiet the girls down. When they were finished, we did our Closing Circle and I passed out the Valentine’s Day cards their pen pals made them. I also passed out the Journey’s background patch and first appliqué. Unfortunately, I included the Daisy (given at the culmination of the Journey), and not the Watering Can (showing they’ve learned about, and can care for a garden). I sent an email out to parents asking them to bring the Daisy to the next meeting, but we’ll see how many remember. It’s not the end of the world if they don’t.


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