Maple Sugar Farm Visit

Out of 13 girls, 9 showed up. Not a bad turnout, really.  The tour itself was simple. The guide started telling the girls about the history of tapping trees and making maple syrup.  Then we trundled to a tractor-pulled tram to ride to the (red?) maple trees. The owners must have had kids in mind a bit since they had faces on various trees.

The actual set up was different from how I imagined it. I think of buckets strapped to individual trees when I think of collecting maple sap, but they had tubing laced between trees, all leading to a central collection tank / suction generator. The actual sap tastes like water with a hint of sweet – it’s around 2% sugar.

The girls did alright with the tour. The presentation is definitely geared more towards adults versus kids. They had hot chocolate and maple syrup donuts for sale, which were hits since it was cold out.

Across the street from the farm were a bunch of cows. I think the girls enjoyed giving them hay more than they enjoyed the maple syrup tour.

Bean and the Maple Leaf.


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