3/22/12 Daisies – Part 2

Now for the second part. I could say that words cannot describe the horror, but given that I am writing a blog post about it, I obviously can find the words.  Three moms expressed their horror about the girls’ behavior (my #1 in particular). I know I should have done something sooner, but I was hoping that making small changes would be enough. But it was not.

I made sure my #1 sat next to me at the meeting, and while that did a little bit to quell her need to rove, I had to take away several things from her (she likes to take of various articles of clothing, like socks or sweat pants that are on over shorts) since she was fiddling with them instead of paying attention.

A large part of the problem was that #1 was incredibly ramped up. I had to essentially stop the meeting several times in order to try to calm her down. When we played the Garden Scamper game, she didn’t want her turn to end, so she would either go really, really slow down the row, or she would go back into it when she finished. I had to pick her up and move her out of the way so the other girls could have their turns. The other girls thought her shriekiness and flailiness was funny so they either laughed at her or copied her. The whole thing devolved, and the girls crossed the line from being rambunctious to rude and disrespectful.

I am fully aware that something needs to be done NOW. I know I should have had the girls create troop rules last Fall, but we weren’t having any problems. Lesson learned. We need to come up with some rules, consequences for not following those rules, and rewards for following them (I’m thinking a sticker chart with prizes at the end of the school year) – a carrot and a stick. I will say that I’m of the mind for a 3-strike policy – warning, time-out, call your parents to take you home.


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