4/5/12 Daisy Meeting

I started out the meeting by going over the three pertinent petals. Again.  Even though only seven girls were there tonight, their behavior needed to be addressed. The gist of the conversation was along the lines of – your behavior last week was horrible, I certainly didn’t have fun and I don’t think you did either, if someone is having a hard time paying attention/listening you cannot add to it by being silly too, what can we do to keep our meetings fun? Then we brainstormed some troop rules. Possible consequences were mostly on par with what I want (warning and time-out); though I will go a step further than what the girls suggested by making the third time a call to a parent. They also liked the idea of a reward system for good behavior. A sticker chart with a prize at the end of the school year was the winner.

And only once was #1 called out by name. Which I quickly put the kibosh on by saying we weren’t naming names and that everyone behaved poorly so everyone shared the blame. Luckily, it didn’t take much to change the direction of that comment.

At our next meeting, we will go over rules/consequences/rewards again since so many girls were missing tonight. Plus, one of the women who works at council will be coming out to sit in on the meeting for observation. I talked to her last week, and she had some very good advice. I want her opinion on how I can improve.

On to the meat of the meeting…

After our behavior discussion, we went to look at how our lettuces were doing. Three trays made it, but one of them seemed to be on its last legs.  It would be nice if the girls could harvest some lettuce from their gardens, but the fact that all of the trays sprouted is good enough for me. I explained how to tell the difference between the sprouting leaves and the actual lettuce leaves – I’m glad I did because one mom just thought nothing else was happening with the seedlings.

We trooped back to our main room to finish the Curious Garden. We briefly talked about how to Make the World A Better Place, and how that was shown in the story. I tied that into the TAP (Take Action Project) that the girls will need to complete. I gave the girls several suggestions (flower garden for the church, potted plants/flowers for a hospital/nursing home), and asked them to think of any other ideas. I really want to do something for the church since they have not charged us any fees to meet there. The secretary said there’s a small plot that we could plant flowers in if we’d like to. I need to stop by and measure the exact dimensions and see how much soil prep would be needed.

Craft-time came next and the girls made pom-pom lady bugs. I thought it was cute, and the girls seemed to enjoy it. Because we still had a decent amount of time left, we played the Garden Scamper game again. And the girls got riled up. And stopped listening. And got crazy. Again.  It was not as bad as last time, but it was still too much. I realized that as much fun as Garden Scamper is, whoever added it to the Journey did not have crazy Daisies. The girls all want to go at the same time. Trying to corral them into rows, and then keep them there is near impossible. They do well with Simon Says, I think because the group does the action together. No one has to wait.

That pretty much sums up the meeting. Next up is a 1st grader only event put on by one of the Cadette troops (they will help the girls earn several Petals before they Bridge), a wildflower walk at one of the local state parks, and our second April meeting.

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