Weekly Recap 4/8/12

OPTGR – Bean made it through lesson 112. She is having trouble keeping her sounds straight, so I am going to have her review some of the lessons – we’re essentially doing them all over again starting with lesson 94, which introduces various “o” sounds.

ETC – I can see where completing ETC4 would be useful for ETC5, but not enough that I am going to go back to it. I think that the syllable / how do break down a word rules would go over Bean’s head. They already do to the extent that I’m teaching them to her in ETC5. This will be slow going. There are days that we’re doing only one page. She’s made it through the first few pages of lesson 5 so far, but we will do ETC5 ½.

Handwriting – Bean is still plugging away at the D’Nealian 1 book. I have her doing one page, front and back, per day.

Math – I am still having trouble doing math every day. Bean has completed through lesson 29, so we’re almost halfway through the book (if we do math 5 days per week, we should be finished around her birthday). It’s not going to matter in the long run that I’m not consistent, right? She is sort of doing math elsewhere, like playing War or using her abacus to add dice together while playing Parcheesi, so her life is not completely devoid of the mathematical arts.

Logic – We started Hands-On Thinking Skills from the Critical Thinking Co. So far it is fairly simple – she’s matching shapes from attribute/pattern blocks or creating shapes from interlocking cubes. I’m kind of hoping it gets more challenging. Previously, she had been playing Rush Hour Jr. for logic.  Talk about a “wow” game. She loved it, but zipped through it a lot quicker than I had anticipated. I think the actual Rush Hour game (plus expansion packs) will be given to her for her birthday this year.

Pattern Block Girl Under A Sunny Sky

Five Pattern Block Sisters

Piano – Bean finally chose her recital piece: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” She chose it because it’s the song she’s dancing to in her ballet recital. It is a bit too hard for her though. She’ll figure it out, but I have to write the notes on her fingernails in order to stave off meltdowns.


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