Monday Outing

Yesterday, DH took the day off work and we crossed the border to go to the butterfly conservatory and botanical garden in Niagara Falls, ON. One could ask why I agreed to this given the thought of being in an enclosed space with flying insects sends me into conniption fits, and well….the answer is that I don’t know. On the positive side, I didn’t freak out and actually enjoyed looking at the butterflies (even if I did walk through it fairly quickly). A butterfly landed on poor Bug and she started screaming. She was over the butterflies at that point.

Bean and a rice paper butterfly.


After, we went for a walk around the grounds of the botanical garden. There weren’t a lot of people there, which was nice. I would like to go back when more plants/flowers are in bloom. Bean wanted to see roses, and wasn’t thrilled when I pointed out that the random sticks sticking out of the ground were rose bushes. She wants her own rose bush in the worst way and doesn’t understand why we don’t want one. Nope. Not going to happen. I don’t do rose bushes.

Tulips in the rose garden.

After our walked was cut short by the consummate terrible-two, Bug, we went back home to a local burger joint for lunch. I can’t entirely blame Bug on this though. I was ready to go home too since it was in the high-70’s, I was wearing jeans and a dark shirt, and had a baby strapped to my chest.

Hanging with the new bears.


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