Weekly Recap 4/15/12

OPTGR – We are still reviewing previously read chapters. Bean made it through Lesson 99.

Our read aloud is Charlotte’s Web. Bean has the opportunity to go see a playhouse version of the book next month, and I want to make sure she knows the story first. I found out after I started reading it, that she saw the movie version at summer camp last year. However, she still begs me to keep reading when it’s time to stop. It’s been a while since we’ve had a “keeper”.

The books Bean read to me or DH:
Various science readers from Scholastic

ETC – Again, Bean is still plugging away. Her attention wasn’t in it, so we did only one page per day.

Handwriting –  Bean finished up the lower case section (well…except for a few review pages, and some reading comprehension pages I’m going to skip as I have no clue why they’re in there), and will start numbers next.

Math – Bean only made it halfway through lesson 31. Again, her attention just wasn’t there, so I didn’t push it.

Logic – Logic seems to be a perennially favorite subject with Bean. She’ll spend 30-odd minutes doing page after page, and then another 30-odd minutes playing with the manipulatives.

Piano – Writing the notes on her fingernails was a smart idea on my part. There weren’t any meltdowns this week, and her playing of the song has improved. It would be even better if she didn’t try to sing along – it distracts her from playing the right notes.

Art – Since I forgot to include First Friday’s art class last week, I’ll do it now. Bean made a stamp from a piece of Styrofoam (the kind that meat is in at the grocery), and prints. I need to start stocking up on those trays so she can make more prints. It will probably be a while since we don’t really buy meat at the grocery.

Spanish – WE FINALLY STARTED SPANISH!!!!!!!!!! And it only took me a little over 3 months longer than I thought it would! I’m learning alongside Bean since I figured it would be easier. I do know a smattering of Spanish, but most of what I used to know has been lost to the winds of decades past. We are using La Clase Divertida, and even though we’re still doing the first Leccion (vowels and “my name is…/what’s your name?”), Bean’s alright with it.


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