Daisy Round-Robin

Last night, five of the 1st grade Daisies went to a “petal round-robin” with a Cadette troop. Since we are not going to earn all 10 Petals this year, I want to give the girls the opportunity to do so before they Bridge in June.  I will admit, that it didn’t go exactly as planned (does anything ever?), but both levels of girls had fun.

Petals earned/started:
Red – Courageous and Strong
Spring Green – Considerate and Caring
Purple – Respect Myself and Others
Green – Use Resources Wisely

The Cadettes taught the Daisies some ballet and karate moves. They tied the physical aspects of both into strength. Then they talked about how it takes courage to learn something new (and to teach something new!).

The Daisies assemble hygiene kits (to be donated to the VA hospital) and wrote “Thank You For Your Service” cards to go with each kit.

This Petal was started, but not completed. The Cadettes who helped the Daisies with the hygiene kits, tied them into using proper hygiene / nutrition is a way to respect oneself. We will finish up this Petal at our meeting on Thursday, tying it into our appropriate behavior / rules portion.

The Daisies played Earth Day Bingo (the winner winning….something. I thought the Cadette troop was going to supply the prize, and they thought I was), then talked about recycling and its importance.  This Petal will also be finished up at our meeting on Thursday. The meat of our meeting will deal with worms/worm composting, which ties in nicely to using resources wisely. I think one of the Daisies has a little shoebox size worm composter. Hopefully she’ll bring it in. It will be a nice comparison to the one DH has.


2 responses to “Daisy Round-Robin

  1. How are you able to meet all the girl’s needs when you have a combined troop of 1st year Daisy’s, 2nd year Daisy’s and Brownies?

    • When I was in that situation several years ago, I was not able to meet the girls’ needs. Luckily, there was another Daisy troop forming, so the girls who were in kindergarten went to that troop. It was (and still can be) hard to balance between different levels, and I recommend to my new leaders that they only take girls who are in the same grade as their daughter. My older daughter will not have the GS experience I would like her to because I have to balance two different grades, which means that every other year I’ve had to balance planning two different levels. It makes planning meetings more difficult because I have to reconcile the different badges/activities. This is why for my younger daughter’s troop, I am only taking girls in the same grade as her.

      Some people can manage balancing different grades/levels, but I am not one of them. If you have very involved parents, one or two of whom you can pull into assistant leader positions (and thus take on some of the burden of planning meetings), then it could be manageable. If the parents are not involved, and you’re on your own, then I don’t think you would be able to meet the girls’ needs. You would drive yourself crazy trying to.

      I’m sorry that my answer is probably not as helpful as you would like it to be. Multi-level/age troops need to have a lot of parental support. You need to have an assistant leader who can take over planning one of the levels while you focus on the other.

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