Weekly Recap 4/22/12

This was a mini-week since we had a family day on Monday, I went to Albany on Friday for a long weekend to visit my sister. Some things were done, but not a lot.

OPTGR – Still doing review. We should hit new lessons in the next couple of weeks.

The books Bean read to me or DH:
Barbie A Pet Vet*
Barbie Horse Show Champ*
Splat the Cat Sings Flat

* Can I just say that the Barbie books make me want to vomit? Unfortunately, Bean likes them. Le sigh.

Our read aloud was still Charlotte’s Web. We had less than 30 pages left before I had to leave. I asked DH if he would finish the book up since Bean was into it (he didn’t).

ETC – Nothing new here either. Still plugging away at ETC5.

Handwriting – Bean started numbers. She’s doing better this time around, though her sixes are some kind of funky.

Math – We did two more lessons in RSA.

Spanish – There was some progress in Spanish. Bean started Leccion 2. She had very little trouble with colors (except for orange / anaranjado, which is understandable). I don’t think we’ll do the full two weeks suggested in the teacher’s manual. She spent the drive to the train station playing “I Spy” in Spanish.

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