Weekly Recap 4/29/12

OPTGR – Another week of reviewing completed chapters. It seems to be sticking better this time around. I will still have to revisit a few lessons again at some point (the EI one specifically).

The books Bean read to me or DH:
Happy Go Ducky
Mac and Cheese
Dancing Dinos At The Beach

Read Aloud – Stuart Little (I seem to be on a roll with “please don’t stop, Mommy!” books. It’s great!)

ETC –  Bean finished lesson 7. I think she should be done with ETC5 in about three weeks. The later lessons seem to besticking, but I am still going to have her do ETC 5 ½ since she had problems with the “-ed” endings.

Handwriting – Numbers are finished! I will need to print out some review sheets since she reverses her 5’s, and her 6’s look like lowercase b’s.

Math –  We have finally made it to addition – Lesson 36. Almost half way!

Spanish – Bean finished up Leccion 2. I think that we could have one this lesson in one week. The only new information was the colors, and she picked up on that quickly. I dragged it out since I wanted to do the cooking activity (making tostones) before moving on to Leccion 3. It didn’t happen. I have plantains in my fruit bowl, but trying to find the time to do it has been hard.


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